Saturday, August 10, 2013

A Poem Pondering Off-Shore Fracking

Sinking Feeling
by Rachel Hoyt
 image by sakhorn38 via
I've got a sinking feeling
that we're sinking our own ship.
Although some hands are reeling,
on the sails they have no grip.
Pirates plunder the shallows
digging for buried treasure,
hoping the sea won't swallow
them and their sordid pleasures.
Nearby on sailboats, speed boats,
and yachts we sail along blind,
hoping that innocence floats
and ignorance calms the mind.
Deep down below bubbles hope,
a vital resource and glue
which bursts when prodded or groped,
dropping all it held onto.
I stand on land protected
by valiant hands dense with love,
gazing at seas injected
by greedy forces from above.
My ship is anchored, for now,
if yours sinks will mine follow?
Will the sea warn me somehow,
before it starts to swallow?
© 2013 Rachel Hoyt. All rights reserved.
After reading of a sink hole that is slowly swallowing a town,
I was glad to know that nearby fracking was mostly shut down.
If only the ocean nearby was ruled by those whom it could drown...


  1. EdHat readers may find it helpful and informative to review a half-hour television interview with Chris Wrather and Bob Field: "Fracking: Oil, Gas or Poison?"

    William Smithers

    1. That is an excellent video Mr. Smithers. Thank you for visiting and commenting! :)

  2. go figure...we suck out all we need and dont think those voids will be filled...i imagine our greed will df make us pay all the more int eh days ahead...

    1. It will be interesting to see the results of this fracking madness.

  3. What the frack are you worried about? It is safe and has been done for years and years. Quit being so hysterical . You do use fossil fuels correct? You do want to be energy independent don't you? You do want to see revenues for our county and schools don't you? You do want to see our beaches and marine life safer don't you? Drilling in the SB channel is safe and environmentally responsible. Quit drinking the cool aid!

    1. You think this will make marine life safer? I think not.

      And, yes, I use fossil fuels but prefer plans to limit that dependency. I drive a scooter 90% of the time and get 85 mpg. If we had public transportation as nice as that in Europe, I would use it.

    2. Dear anonymous, I guess you like your water flammable? Do you know that fracking was created by someone who was terrified of losing their job, so they didn't care about the havoc it would wreak? Rachel's not drinking Kool aid she's researching facts. Have you been to a fracking site? It's nasty business. And it destroys the groundwater--so you can't make Kool Aid

  4. The whole gasland thing is just s sham created by Hollywood. The EPA studied it intensely for a few years at 3 different sites in the USA and finally had to drop it due to no link of causation between hydraulic fracturing and aquifer contamination.

    1. I feel the reasons the EPA has abandoned various studies to be more complicated and unsettling than you...

  5. Rachel, well done!! Let's see we already have a dead Gulf Ocean, a pile of plastic in the Pacific, let's frack it too? Desperate times. Meanwhile electric cars are here, solar energy is here, wind power here--we just gotta get off the oil addiction :-) I have faith we will, because we must

    1. Thanks for the support SaraV! :) :) I agree we need to break our oil addiction and don't think natural gas is the answer, especially not if it requires fracking.

  6. Yeah, better to spend billions for military interventions on the other side of the world than tap into the natural resources abundant in our own neighborhood.

    1. There are many more than two items in our country's budget. Your "either we spend it on fracking or we spend it on military interventions" argument is not logical.


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