Saturday, August 3, 2013

If Cascarones Could Talk, What Would They Say?

image by Simon Howden via
Dearest cascarone cousin,
It's almost my time to crack.
The streets gleefully buzzing.
I'm waiting with my pack.
I was scared to die so soon
until I watched the others
with whom I'd bunked since June
burst into all their colors.
The joy the people show
when crushing us on friends
is such a beautiful glow -
it proves our lives must end.
Or souls yearn to be free
to scatter amongst the crowd.
Our afterlives as confetti
are when we make our species proud.
I hope to get crushed on a hairdo
that was fixed with lots of hairspray.
In fact, if I see someone who
looks good, I may jump today.
I hope you'll leave the shelf behind
someday and join the show.
From Fiesta with peace of mind,
Cascarone Cowboy, Geronimo
© 2013 Rachel Hoyt. All rights reserved
From China to Italy and Spain,
cascarones have brought joy again and again. 


  1. "In fact, if I see someone who looks good, I may jump today."
    Very funny line and image!

  2. Another fun word to say! Love how it feels tumbling over my tongue--anything with confetti makes me happy--and your word and poem did today!! Thank you :-)


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