Saturday, January 25, 2014

Animals Acting on Reality TV

Wishful Seeing
by Rachel Hoyt

Reality is what you see
away from your TV -
your personal monotony
that's mostly drama free -
No friends from Old Mac Donald's farm
wandering down Main Street,
No ostriches with sneaky charm
who could peck off your feet,
No six foot long constrictor snakes
hiding in your drain pipe,
No mysterious squeaks or quakes
that could be heard on Skype,
No toucans or parrots that talk
knocking upon your door,
No chimpanzees out on a walk
to the new corner store,
And even if these did occur
you probably could not snap
an action shot without some blur
unless you set a trap.

Copyright © 2014 Rachel Hoyt. All rights reserved.

Reality TV with humans has never been my cup of tea.
Capturing creatures to act in such shows makes me beyond angry.

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  1. any kinda of cruelty to animals is terrible...
    reality tv is pretty terrible too...
    i wonder how much is truly scripted...
    are there really some so stupid?

    1. Reality TV's growing popularity was one of the things that led me to turn off my cable and live without TV. The fact they are scripting animal rescues and harming animals in order to create more Reality TV is just wrong. I didn't think there was anyone who would take it quite this far, but people just never cease to amaze me in disturbing ways.


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