Saturday, January 11, 2014

Police Use Rap Music to Solve Crimes

Rap Trap
by Rachel Hoyt

image by sattva via

Spit it out, keep it in -
There's no way to win.
Do the crime. Do the time.
They're minding your rhyme.
They detect, they inspect
your bold disrespect.
In a snap, with your rap,
You lay your own trap.
It's free speech. You can preach,
but any can leech.

Copyright © 2013 Rachel Hoyt. All rights reserved.

Some police are cracking crimes with the messages in rappers' rhymes.

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  1. ha. that is creative you many messages hidden in rap, esp the young MCs that havent made mainstream yet....

    1. I was impressed with their creative method as well. As you guessed, they are mostly analyzing the songs on YouTube by rappers who haven't made it big yet.

  2. Livin' life by the motto "YOLO"
    Duckin' the five-oh,
    livin' that thug life, yo

    Doin' crime to survive
    or pass the time
    Anything to make ya feel alive

    Never thinkin' the boys in blue
    be watchin' you,
    seein' right through
    the lines ya guilty hand drew

    As they be trackin' ya rappin'
    Knowin' ya braggin'
    as ya buildin' ya lines
    never seein' the bars
    ya gonna be trapped in

    They comin' for you
    with the ball, chains, and shacklin's
    The boy's in blue are up to you and what's happenin'!

    Criminals always seem to return to the scene or find some way to brag over what they've done.

    Then again, a little prison time may have the effect of creating a desirable image of "Hardness" for some of these people.They'll gain a following in the next generation of naive, troubled youth and we'll still be working while they're making millions after serving their time.

    At least I can imagine a world where such a thing takes place.

  3. The times I'm inspired to write a rap,
    are as accidental as a coffee lap.
    It's gibberish mostly, like reading a map,
    but exciting as when Ackbar says, "It's a trap!"


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