Saturday, January 18, 2014

Is Net Neutrality Just an Innocent Dream Fading With Age?

Internet Triolet
by Rachel Hoyt

image from  seanweigoldferguson's photostream)

It was created to unite us, bring equality,
Yet the creator's nature got stuck in its net.
It's aging and showing prejudices proudly,
Though created to unite us, bring equality.
Its innocence at birth nourished neutrality,
Until worldly wisdom showed fair is a fool's bet.
It was created to unite us, bring equality,
But its creator's nature is stuck in its net.

Copyright © 2014 Rachel Hoyt. All rights reserved.

This triolet poem was inspired by changing net neutrality rules
and the worry that these changes will bury many Internet jewels.

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  1. The net was sown then cast out
    From day one it's been riding this route
    And it's become the stuff
    of national security
    finance, and trading,
    espionage and tracing
    All the stuff wars are about

    Serious business for criminals of all kinds
    Wearin' rags, or suits and ties
    Whether they steal, or they bribe
    The net as we know it is runnin' outta time
    The writing is there, and we see the signs

    When the money began to flow
    It was only a matter of time, ya know
    Information is as good as gold
    and cash has the grip to hold
    But it's ok
    At least we can stream our favorite show...

    The web was once a spiders dream
    Connected on every inch without a single seam
    Free flowing and clean, information for all to see
    A place called cyberspace, where information was totally free

    What you'd find you wouldn't know
    things to help you learn and make you grow
    Seeds being sown, winds of change beginning to blow
    over the lines that connected the world's telephones

    Now when ya look
    what ya find is what has been paid to be placed
    Stuft' in the pipeline to land before ya face
    Just give it a taste
    A carrot to help ya keep pace
    And it's no surprise to find
    just another wheel for us run this rat race

  2. give us enough time and we will corrupt anything you know....smiles...


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