Saturday, April 5, 2014

Reasoning and Higher Cognition Lead to Concern for Justice

Cognition Corner
by Rachel Hoyt
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High above the beat of love
which tells the feet to dance,

Atop the spine that can't unwind
unless stuck in a trance,

Near the ears which strain to hear
proof of justice in life,

Behind the eyes where wisdom spies
at karmic joy and strife,

There is a place where thoughts find space
to thicken into guilt,

Where reason calls selfishness treason
and concern for justice is built.

Copyright © 2014 Rachel Hoyt. All rights reserved.

A new study shows that justice's ignition
is sparked by reason and higher cognition.

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  1. with this you enticed me to believe that my sensorial all gathers for their executive meetings always in the penthouse of my incarnate self.

    enjoyed this


  2. Interesting indeed, but it makes me wonder
    under what cover do people people become so selfish

    Is it that strength in numbers deters cognition
    giving way to avarice and ambition?

    Why do we suffer from love of money, of blood
    and shun those who would give us love?

    Justice may indeed be innate
    Though injustice has given way to
    the fate of many an innocent inmate

    High level cognition is available
    but not free to us primates
    Like justice, avarice, pride, and hate
    are born of genetics the same
    as though the battle of good and evil
    are raging in every brain every day.

    Great rhyme! I really enjoyed reading all the ways you described the brain! I especially liked the part with the ears longing to find some bit of justice out there in the world.

    1. I enjoyed your rhyming response! According to the study which inspired this poem, selfishness seems to be a natural tendency for some... they simply don't use the area of the brain that engages during higher thinking very often.


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