Saturday, April 12, 2014

UPS Saves Millions Per Year By Avoiding Left Turns

Right Wrong Turn
by Rachel Hoyt

If you missed that left turn,
There's no need to stop stern,
Blocking and locking up traffic -
Life will move more slick
If you go straight, then right,
And right at the next two lights...
Assuming you must go that way,
Don't find joy while astray...
For sometimes on the long way we learn,
Good can come from making wrong turns.

Copyright © 2014 Rachel Hoyt. All rights reserved.

Could this truth extrapolate to life lessons one learns?

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  1. but NASCAR makes up for it...ha....
    interesting...i remember being up north where
    left turns are not allowed in some places
    huh, interesting...

    1. I didn't know there were places where left turns weren't allowed. Interesting...

  2. If the route was longer in both distance and time then there's no way to save fuel -- you screwed up somehow.

    1. There are multiple studies that prove the statement true, but to be specific, they are only claiming to save money on fuel, not overall. Watch the video or click the news link above.

  3. I harass our UPS deliverer all the time. I tell him I saw him make a left hand turn and I'm reporting him. He just laughs. If I remember right, the trucks have GPC which report to corp the route each truck takes. Crazy how some people figure stuff like this out.

    1. LOL that you harass them. Hehe. They have a special GPS system that smart maps the routes using as many right turns as possible. I thought it was pretty cool they figured this out too. I'd rather they spend money on labor than fuel. :)

  4. I had heard about that--it really strikes me funny. Great poem Rachel!! :-)


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