Thursday, August 12, 2010

Fancy Pen Users Should Not Be Trusted

This week I wandered upon a survey from 2002,
about the many types of pens we Americans use.
I also read a story about the ability to read minds,
and had a wacky brainstorm when the two ideas combined.

First came the new knowledge about the psychology of pens,
and what the quantity and color say about me and my friends.
They say female green pen users are likely to hoard...
oh my goodness, that's me... just look in my drawers!

This mini epiphany made me believe the other stats,
because things I can relate to are practically facts.
I think they're right about those erasable pen addicts;
I bet they're a bunch of Office Space fanatics.

The end of the story nailed one more fact on the head,
my chance to pen analyze my friends is already half dead.
With computers and iPhones becoming the rage,
there is much less a reason to put ink on a page.

Even more reason, I suppose, to be afraid,
of fancy pen people (even if highly paid).
Just because their job pays them more money,
doesn't mean a $200 pen is any less funny.

I admit my next reading choice was a bit of a switch,
but I think my subconscious was exploring a niche.
I felt suddenly drawn to read about studies on thought stealing,
I've always found the concept of reading minds appealing.

But, as I learned about the things they can already do,
I became more and more worried about fancy pens too.
I mean, if a special brain scan can figure out what I'm thinking,
a mood ring pen with FMRI power could be the ultimate syncing!

The color & brain wave measurers could work together,
to scrutinize your ideas anywhere you go... whenever.
What if the CIA & FBI already have such a device?
Of course they won't tell, although we pay the price.

They could be planting "magic pens" to collect info on us,
so there's definitely no fancy pen user I feel I can trust.
Those deviants should consider joining the electronic revolution,
well, at least until my hair brained ideas find another resolution.

© Rachel Hoyt 2010 - 2011

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