Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Permit Dance

Occasionally I enjoy googling "this month in history".
I'm horrible at trivia, so the answer's always a mystery.
This time I was reminded of a little festival called Woodstock...
August 15th was the 41st aniversary of that gala of rock.

Coincidentally, I recently watched a movie which taught me
a few superfilous facts on how the concert came to be.
Apparently the original location denied the permit,
because a few of the locals threw a great big fit.

They didn't want their town to be invaded by hoodlums,
even if it could boost local establishments' incomes.
So the festival was moved to a different town nearby,
and Wallhill hosted the festival despite social outcry.

I wish Santa Barbara could think more like Tiber,
and encourage more festivals, concerts and fairs here.
But, it seems the permit process really has not changed,
and that musicians and hippies will always feel estranged.

Before summer began I was planning to attend,
the West Beach Music Festival for 2010.
But as the ticket sales date began to draw near,
all kinds of controversy I began to hear.

The permit was issued, but then pulled back,
due to complaints from neighbors about tact.
But even once security, etc. was increased,
the objections from neighbors did not cease.

Forced to move to a soccer field and cut one day,
Twin Productions continues the plan to stay.
Unfortunately many have waited to buy a ticket (like me),
so they can't seem to come up with the $90k deposit fee.

All this back and forth seems a bit passive agressive.
The whiny neighbors are getting more than oppressive.
So to lighten the mood, I've re-written a famous tune...
using the hokey pokey to mock a collective goon.

You put the permit in,
you pull the permit out,
you put the permit in,
fans of West Beach scream and shout...
You hold another meeting,
change the concert all around...
that's what SB's about!!

© Rachel Hoyt 2010 - 2011

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