Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Arpaio Anxiety

Note: this poem can be sung to the tune of Allan Sherman's song, "Camp Granada".

Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh,
Please retire in Santa Barbara.
Arizona's quickly changing,
Joe Arpaio's posse's rants the world estranging.

The last time I came for a visit,
I heard that he had gone ballistic.
You remember Xochil Peña?
Her poor grandma was harrased at work in Mesa.

All the smart guys seem to hate him,
and he refuses to debate them.
All the times he talks in public,
it seems he thinks he already runs his own Republic.

I'm surprised it doesn't scare ya,
that your neighbors often dare ya,
to volunteer with Arpaio's cronies,
'cuz they've loved him since he began with the pink chonies.

Please leave home, oh muddah fadduh,
stay with me, it's not a bother.
Don't stay there out in the desert where
the crazies think they know what's fair.

Please leave home, I promise you a fun filled time,
fresh produce and good local wine,
oh please don't make me beg,
that state's become a rotten egg.

Dearest Fadda, darling Mudda,
how's my precious, doggie brudda?
I can't wait to, let him kiss me.
Hurry over and admit you also miss me.

Wait a minute, the plan is failing,
crazy's spreading, saneness is flailing.
If he tries to, can we stop this?
Could Arpaio actually win the oval office?!

© Rachel Hoyt 2010 - 2011

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  1. Sheriff Joe for president!

  2. Alguacil Joe es el mejor!

  3. Cute poem but so wrong! Sheriff Joe is a true patriot

  4. About time our prisons treat prisoners like prisoners.
    What??? No weight rooms, no computers, no TV.
    Has my vote for President.

  5. Good job. Joe is an unethical creep. He only cares about publicity and spending the taxpayers' money to gain more publicity. We have an insane number of unserved warrants because he'd rather go after undocumented immigrants than do his primary job.

  6. You should get some help with your entitlement issues!

  7. Feel welcome to hit the road
    oh Hispanophile toad
    with your load.
    Joe's a man.

  8. Thank you to all who have left me a note.
    Even if you hate me, I'm glad that you wrote.
    We all have the right to believe as we do.
    I'm a tough girl. You can't make me blue.

  9. Thank you for your post. Looks like we have a bunch of haters. They choose to 'hate' in lieu of the alternative, knowledge and Humanity.

    Thanks for your strength. If a young, smart attractive 'white' girl like you attracts these 'haters' imagine how someone like me, brown face, black hair, older and 'worst' of all, Latino is disdained and disliked even if they don't know me or anything about me.

  10. @nene - EXACTLY! If this is how I get treated, I can only imagine how the haters treat you. I will continue to promote knowledge and fair treatment towards all. xoxo

  11. not scare ya,
    neighbors dare ya...

    love the style, musical flow.
    Happy Potluck!

  12. I too enjoyed the style and the flow. Kept thinking camp hiawatha, how some songs just stick with you Thanks for sharing this, a very creative outlet for such a subject:)

  13. A fantastic and artistically brilliant way to open up a can of worms!

  14. I think its a cute poem though I have no idea who Sheriff Joe is honestly

  15. @Jingle - Thanks! This is one of my personal favorites. :)

    @Fred - I'm not sure what/where camp hiawatha is, but I'm glad the camp granada tune mimicking worked for ya. :)

    @beccagivens - I can almost see you smiling. :) Yeah!

    @abthomas - Hehe. Yes, did you see the comments above? The can of worms is open.

    @mindlovemisery - I'm glad you were able to enjoy the poem anyhow. :)

  16. I swear that is my hill i see in the picture. it it really really really weird.

    I in fact loved your poem.
    i deal in touchy subjuects alot.
    and it really sucks when people do not understand. but we are writers write how we do. there is nothing wrong with speaking our mind
    even if it is set to rhyme.


  17. @lunawitch15 - Where is your hill? That's the hill by my parents house. :)

  18. Oh that was a hoot! Thank you!

  19. @Kay - I love that term hoot. :)

    @morganna - Thank you! I just kept singing the original Alan Sherman Tune in my head as I wrote. He knew good rhythym and rhyme. :)

  20. fantastic poem.. here is my song, Somebody's me

    Someone is Special

  21. Thanks for visiting, Someone is Special. :)


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