Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Bacon Wrapped Nest Keg

There are many investments in life I wish that I'd bought,
savings tips I wish that my magazine reading had taught.
But the realization I'm now having a little too late,
is that the answer was right there by my dinner plate.
In fact, one is in my entree and the other lies near...
because the investments I missed out on are bacon and beer.

I can't believe I didn't guess they'd increase in value,
it seems like something I would've figured out if I'd tried to.
I've been living on BLTs and Broccoli Salad with Bacon.
I guess those were the first two hints I should have taken.
It appears I wasn't the only person to sub bacon for beef,
nor to drink micro brewed beer for their daily stress relief.

I even know of a recently invented recipe for fried beer...
it won Texas State Fair's "most creative" prize this year.
And if I ever decide I want to mix the two flavors,
I'll refer to this post on bacon beers one blogger savors.
I even have a plan for the next time I'm feeling depressed:
giving the maple bacon donut a long overdue taste test.

But despite all the bacon and beer plans that I've had,
I didn't think to invest and it makes me real sad.
Perhaps pork belly futures are still worth the price,
maybe I could find a micro brew stock that looks nice.
You can be certain I'll be watching what goes on my plate,
trying to foresee the next investment trend before it's too late.

© Rachel Hoyt 2010 All rights reserved.

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  1. Love it:)! You are so talented:)!

  2. Hahaha. This was cute.

  3. hehe
    that was GREAT!

  4. How can you write about food after you posted that cute piccy of the pig!!
    Fascinating poem, and quite unusual.
    here in the UK some people deep fry Mars Bars (chocolate and toffee mix)!

  5. Great poem! I so agree! And now you've got me craving one of those maple bacon donuts! Never actually had one but it sounds heavenly!

  6. unbeatable humor...
    the image instantly tickles.

    Thanks for the thoughtfulness and more.

  7. nice.. here's my potluck..

  8. @Jessica - LOL. That pig was not so cute. HUGE. Interesting to say, but not cute. But, I did scratch his ears, none the less. :)

    @Lolamouse - My friend sent me a picture of the maple bacon donut months and months ago. I still want one. Apparently I have to go hang out in LA to get it through. Blah.

    @Jingle - Thanks! I'm glad to have tickled your funny bone. :)

    @fiveloaf - Thanks for visiting. :)

  9. Fried beer?! ((shudder)) Fun take, however. Thanks!

  10. I rhyming's are perfect ...smooth flow

  11. You really have an awesome way with words, girl... you rock!! Aahh, but yea, maybe you should have invested in pork and beer after all.. hehehe

    And FRIED BEER?!?!? Maaaannn.. I should've gone to the TX state fair while I was there.. grrrr... looks like I really missed something!!

  12. @ds - I'm not sure I would eat the fried beer either, but I am fascinated that someone actually found a way to deep fry it. :)

    @Uma - Thanks! I'm glad you think my technique was good. :)

    @Kavita - There are a lot of things I should have invested in. No one gave me the extra cash to do it with though! LOL. :)


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