Monday, December 13, 2010

Smiley Sociology Study #1

You may have noticed while reading my site,
that I link to bloggers whose writing brings me delight.
I seek wacky news and opinions from talented writers,
cartoons, art, and other curiosity igniters.
Anytime you like you can email links to rachhoyt[at]gmail[dot]com,
but you may enjoy more the Smiley Sociology forum.

Once a month I will post rhyming request for your links,
so I can pseudo-qualitatively learn what each of you thinks.
The mutually beneficial fees for participation are two chores:
First, you must reference Rhyme Me a Smile's blog within yours.
Next comment here and on others' posts to make friends and "open doors".

While hosting a meet and greet for my soon to be blog friends,
I will collect the wacky links on which my rhyme writing depends.
I will also showcase my new blog friends as I'm able to fit them in...
because a new rhyming blog review showcase is about to begin.
I know it's hard to get new followers and want to help you spread the word.
By linking back and forth together, surely more of us will be heard.

           Image by jscrationzs used with permission of

Study #1:  Top 10 _____ of 2010

Right now I'd like to read your Top 10 _____ of 2010 ramblings:
favorite memories, new discoveries or strangely popular gatherings.
Any family friendly lists are welcomed -- no naughty stuff please.
This site focuses on adventures, art, poetry and plots that appease.

Let the link sharing begin -- just use the entry form below.
(Brownie points for posting my link on social websites you know.)
Why not put together a quick list of your favorite posts from 2010?
It's a good idea to recap your writing and brag a little now and then.

Don't be shy... you need not be funny or write stuff like I do.
I welcome mommy bloggers, artists and writers of all types.
Just post a link here and see what traffic comes to you.
Promoting blog writing brings Smiley Sociology delights.

© 2010 - 2011 Rachel Hoyt

Non rhyming directions for the poetry challenged:
(1) create a new top 10 list and post it to your blog OR choose a top 10 list already on your blog
(2) mention and link back to the Smiley Sociology Study within your post
(3) copy the link for that post
(4) paste link into Mister Linky below
(5) leave a comment here to let me know you've posted a link
(6) read links left by others and tell them (nicely) what you think
(7) enjoy your increase in traffic  :o)

I will keep Mr. Linky open until (at least) midnight on Saturday, Dec. 18th.  Until then... keep sending me your links!  :o)

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  1. Thank you for letting me link to you, sounds like a cool idea :)

  2. Funny idea... but what rhymes with shiny? :-)

    p.s. bonus points: rhyme orange with "door hinge"

  3. Thank you Paige for trying my link exchange!
    I'm glad you think the idea is cool and not strange.

    Ken, there are a few things that rhyme with shiny... my most used companion is the word whiny. I'm not sure about rhyming orange with door hinge... but I'll work on it though the rhythm makes me twinge. :o)

  4. This certainly is a great idea for a website. Thanks for allowing me to link to you.

    OK as per your request, here are my top ten pet peeves:

    1) New York cab drivers. Lowest form of life !!
    2) Adverts on TV where they feel they have to shout the message to you, rather than be clever and entertain you with a fun little story.
    3) People who tell you the delivery charges only after you made the purchase. Word to the wise, those will always be the most expensive delivery charges of your life
    4) People who are unable to commit to a date
    5) Those who place their smart phones on the dinner table, check their email and even take calls. How rude !
    6) Everyone on the subway after 10pm
    7) Restaurants where they don't bring you bread.
    8) People who waddle instead of walk. They just look lazy (excluding pregnant women of course)
    9) People who slur their speech, even when sober. They just look uneducated
    10) Christmas tips and bonuses. I have never had a job that paid me end of year tips and bonuses, yet i have always found myself having to tip and bonus other people. Not fair !

  5. Thank you Annabelle for that fun top 10 list. I can't believe you've never received a tip or bonus... I'd be pissed!!! :o)

  6. By a great commotion of words infused with discussion.

    I'm here to adhere to those words merry precussion.

    A request for banter sent, I've mailed you post haste.

    For your blog, on my blog, a link I did make.

    Thanks for that banter and I love your new site!

    I hope lots of people join, for everyone might!

    The top ten list, for now, is to be left in pending.

    For I have so much to do that I wish the day neverending.

    But sure enough as it comes with the passing of time.

    A post will appear, most likely, complete with a rhyme.

    Until then, all the best & God bless!... =)

  7. Thanks for joining the link exchange Skipper! I love the rhyme you left... it feels quite chipper!! :o)

  8. I'm loving all the rhyming
    but I'm afraid I can't always keep up with the timing
    so I'll have to speak in regular verse,
    and I promise not to curse ;)

    Everything will be kept family friendly :)

    Here is my top ten list that I will call:

    The 10 worst and best moments of the year! (in order to stay positive I will go between bad and good but I must start with bad to end with good :)

    In countdown form:

    10. My car was totalled...see #2 for more info.
    9. I am finally finding ways to earn money (yay blog and candle selling!)
    8. My favorite band released a CD I am not fond of :(
    7. I am applying to grad school after a long year, yay!
    6. I can't remember most holidays from the past year (due to #2, scroll down ;)
    5. I finally got to see more of my nephews' sporting events.
    4. I got fired from my job (due to #2, so scroll down lol)
    3.I graduated with my BA in Writing.
    2. I was in a bad car crash that left me unable to work for the past year.
    1. I met my fiance!

  9. And I'll be sure to mention you in my next post!

  10. OMG... Jill, you sell candles too?! We have quite a bit in common. I'm glad the car accident hasn't left you too blue. That experience sounds completely rotten! :o)

    Rhyme Me a Smile

  11. P.S. To EVERYONE... don't forget to read the other links and leave comments on your fellow bloggers sites. Everyone will get more hits if we do this thing right. :o)

  12. It has been a very rotten experience but I am slowly digging out of my's been a little over a year now. And yes, I sell candles! Look at us, we are very similar! I will keep following and will make sure you link you in my next blog.

  13. howdy, I did as you suggested and put on what I felt I should - hopefully this is alright and I look forward to checking out the other links on the weekend!

  14. That looks great, abthomas, thanks for joining in!! For anyone else with a potty mouth see his link for how your link sharing can begin. :o)

  15. Hey,i compose poems and write on generally abstract themes.I've submitted my link: drop by.

  16. I put up the 10 that generated the most comments up to this point. Looks like this could be productive and fun; thanks for the invitation!

  17. I just want to say thank you to everyone who participated in my 1st Smiley Sociology Study. I hope to bring you some good blog advertising for free. I'll begin composing rhymes in the next few days to link back to and/or review your blogs in a fun new way. I hope you've subscribed to my feed or followed and will be back to play. :o)

  18. You're welcome to use my poetry or stories.
    Visitors are invited.

  19. Hi Dan. At first glance I don't see anything on your page that fits this study? Top 10 lists was what I asked people to send me. I'll be back to read more another time and hope you'll check back for future topics of mine.

  20. Smart idea!! I did my Top Ten Monday Marvels list today. ;)

  21. Thanks for the sweet hookups..I..can't...wait to

    Good thing I don't have a rhyme blog!


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