Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It's Make Fun of Me Day!

  A scan of the birthday card my parents gave me on Saturday...
          Inside it says, "Boogie down on your Birthday!

Have you noticed that the more birthdays you have in life,
the less they are about giving the celebrant some good times?
Friends tend to make fun of your age, causing mental strife,
and tell stories like they're listing your aging dumb person crimes.

The switch from fun day to make-fun-of-me-festival,
begins as you approach the dreaded age of forty.
Present giving amongst friends becomes more whimsical,
and humorous verbal self-flagellation turns sporty.

So, I have chosen today, my thirty-third birthday,
to announce to my friends on the world wide Internet,
that I happily contribute to annual make fun of me day,
because life's funner living wildly without regret.

Observation shows three popular making fun themes:
gracefulness, forgetfulness, and lack of self control.
Though for your stories to get truly gleeful screams,
you'll want something unique to share 'round the punch bowl.

No one who knows me well would disagree,
I have a tendency to slip, slide, trip and / or fumble.
There's plenty of stories one could share about me,
which involve funny injuries caused by a tumble.

There's no denying that with age, the memory fades.
(It takes me three times as long to learn names already.)
I'm saving self-control for the next few decades,
and letting the fun-o-meter sit strong and steady.

None of my life, thus far, has turned into movie scenes,
but neither have I been living inside a black hole.
Each silly story rhyme I write spills a bit of my beans...
my crazy ideas in print take you on a mind stroll.

Though I've never played the mood ring game for real,
I have made push pen people travel the world like a gnome.
I'm also too timid to trespass or steal,
but am truly weary of places where fancy pen users roam.

Though it shall remain secret how I celebrate tonight,
and precisely what type of party theme I will employ...
I can say I'm certain I'll be smiling with delight,
doing something myself and my friends all enjoy.

But be it camping in forbidden areas or sailing to nowhere,
gambling in the old west or flying to the moon.
Everyone should have a few stories that stand up your hair,
and at least one that makes you jealously swoon.

I don't think I'll party quite that rich this year,
nor is it required to have a blast.
I'm more the type who drinks whiskey and beer,
while playing childish games of the past.

I like skating, shooting, singing and shopping...
putt putt golf and poker playing too.
blasting, boating, bowling and bee-bopping...
or anything to which I am new.

The comments section is now open for suggestions,
and the paypal button is ready to accept your gifts.
I will even answer ten make fun of me questions...
just write them below and I'll answer in shifts.

© Rachel Hoyt 2010 - 2011

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  1. Happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  2. Thanks Tricia! I already got my first "Doesn't she look older?!" comment, which made me giggle about my poem topic and feel more content. :o)

  3. I love your sense of humor and guarantee you that if you keep at it you'll make it 3x's your current age. (I'm twice that now) Happy, happy b-day Rachel.

  4. What a fun little diddy
    Above, which you wrote.
    Helped make the day pretty,
    But you forgot to note:

    That grace comes from inside
    Not using your legs
    If not, we would slide
    To honor some dregs

    And while memory's important
    It's not always right
    Best to just lose it
    And love what's in sight

    Self-control's overrated
    You're not stuck in school!
    Don't be so deflated
    and just act like a fool.

    To honor your poem
    Here's one of my own
    Together we'll show 'em
    Making fun's overblown.

    Hope you're having a great day!

  5. Well, I guess if you can't laugh at yourself, what's the point? BUT I could never make fun of you. You are lovely, kind, and fabulous. Have a great, Happy Birthday Rachel!


  6. absolutely right..and simply superb write....very well written...loved your rhyming...

  7. Thanks everyone! I had fun writing this. :)

  8. I didn't know turtles could river dance?..


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