Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Drunken Turtle Pirate Road Trip

        Jessi drew this especially for me!!!  :o)  © Jessi Finicum 2010.  All rights reserved.

When a drunken turtle pirate takes a road trip,
It’s bound to be a grand adventure…
Because the main purpose of any city hop skip,
Is to escape the bonds of daily life’s indenture.

To ensure the most memories possible,
A drunken turtle pirate driver follows these five rules.
But be forewarned, trouble is cause-able,
Because mischievous stuff like this ain't taught in schools.

Ye shall be tempted to seek me treasure,
but yaar just a silly land lubber matey.
Plunder ye happily if such be yer pleasure,
but fear ye the depths, the locker, and Davey.

Rule #1: Always watch for the local crazy signs…
because you never know what fun stuff there will be.
One Arizona city posts “Your Now Beyond Hope” two times…
No matter which way you drive through, you’ll see.

Rule #2: If you smell treasure nearby, stop and plunder.
Gems and other riches could be hiding nearby.
So keep a metal detector and excavation kit down under.
When you can, stop and give mining a try.

Rule #3: One memorable souvenir is a must…
Be it from nature or sneakily obtained, even better.
Bring a partner whom you can trust.
You’ll find treasures galore with a go-getter.

Rule #4: Never be afraid to take that scary looking shortcut.
Unexplored routes are likely to be ripe with bounty.
Four wheel drive is required for this stage of the gauntlet.
Triple-A doesn’t tow in this part of the county.

Rule #5… only to be tried by those with nothing to lose…
Always pick up strangers in orange jump suits.
An unexpected offer for a ride and some booze,
might just make a convict shake in his boots.

Of course, as the pirate always says of his code,
these are more like guidelines than actual rules.
It's just my drunken turtle pirate road trip mode,
you can invent your own using these tools.

Wherever ye travel, I hope it be pleasin.
Aye dat no scallywags be teasin.
Shiver ye timbers with memories of adventure.
Arrr, let rum be yer life's only indenture.

© Rachel Hoyt 2010 - 2011

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  1. ha - think i should go for this scary looking shortcut... nice and fun write :=))

  2. Ha! Cool poem. Enjoyed it very much. Made me laugh at times and also offers a few gems of wisdom. "escape the bonds of daily life’s indenture" ...a great reason to road trip!

  3. CUTE! Good work on rhyming adventure! ;)

  4. A drunken pirate turtle huh? Haha, my goodness, this one did give me good laugh - fun write, cool rhyme work, really is neat how you manage to work all these other sites and places in too...and still have it work so nicely. Nice one.

  5. I'm so glad everyone is enjoying this one so much. It's a character / subject I plan to use again. Join a Smiley Sociology Study for link backs & such. Your input is knowledge on which I depend. :o)

  6. it was fun to read...hillarious stuff....loved it...good pen...

  7. Wow, Dr. Suess and Shel Silverstein would be proud. Thank you for the link-up I appreciate it. Merry Christmas and keep on keeping on, you are talented.!!!

  8. Dr Suess indeed...a great treat this...thanks for sharing...pete

  9. Thank you Fallen Poet, Paige and One Stop. I appreciate your visits and comments A LOT. :o)

  10. What does a pirate call it when he takes a vacation? A little ARR and ARR!

    Why can't the kids go see the new pirate movie?It be rated ARR!

    Nice One Shot, Rachel!

  11. Hehehe. I've heard those jokes before, but they still made me giggle. :o)

  12. Fun, ably written, smile-inducing work. Thanks for that.

  13. Lot of fun this one.. solid write but playful at the same time


    Luke @ WordSalad

  14. Thank you Steve & Luke... I'm glad I could make you smile. :o)

  15. Love the fun, rollicking rhythm enhancing the spiel of entertaining images!

  16. I'm smiling as I ususally do when I visit your blog. Thank you and happy, creative 2011.

    My potluck: http://liv2write2day.wordpress.com/2010/12/27/celebrate-today/

  17. such great fun in this- i enjoyed it. mines here- http://fiveloaf.wordpress.com/2009/12/06/time-is-not-the-essence/

  18. LOL, very funny, I loved it! Cleverly written.
    All that's missing is Johnny Depp...


  19. Hello potluck visitors... I'm glad you all got a laugh from my rhyme! And, a double thank you to those who left their links for me to find. :o)

  20. divine humor...
    what a joyful tour.
    Happy New Year,


  21. A fun poem to read. Thanks for giving me a chuckle or two. Don't want to end the season feeling blue.

  22. Love ye tale of a drunken pirates ride, be he turtle or man... oh but the adventure awaits.

  23. Amusing and fun, love it!=D

    Oh and a side note, you are invited!

    From 10:01 a.m. Monday December 27,2010 until 10:01 a.m. Saturday January 8, 2011 (CST), think about what you want to have, do and wish for this upcoming new year. After that, use them to create a poem, short fiction, prose, haiku or anything you can think of and link them in using the comment panel on this post:


    Share your dreams, wish list and wishes over here as the new year comes greeting on us!

    Note that you don’t have to be a poet or blogger in order to do it but a link to where your work can be seen by other audiences. Do ask your friends to join in the fun as well!^_^

    Cheers and have a wonderful year ahead=D

  24. Thank you for visiting me Jingle, Dan, Reflections and Riikainfinityy. I'm glad to hear you like what you see. I'll definitely check out this new link sharing space. It sounds similar to my Smiley Sociology place. :o)

  25. It was a fun read...
    great work... :)

  26. This describes my life! I love it come check out some of my stuff too! Its a bit dark but you might enjoy it! You are definitely being followed.

  27. Thank you MyOwn5avior! I checked out your blog yesterday and am now following. Your poetry is also very fun to read. :)

  28. Ye shortcut sounds mighty pleasin'... or may it be just the reason... for my taken my pack and leavin'...

  29. A great read! ;)

  30. love it,
    beautiful cartoon art.


  31. Whimsical and wise. I'm crazy about that turtle!

  32. Thank you everyone! I'm glad you are loving the cartoon turtle. :) My friend Jessi drew that for me. SO CUTE! Aaaaarrrrgh!!!

  33. I liked the crazyness:)Rules are meant to be broken;)what says the Drunken Turtle?Haha:)

    Good day:)

  34. The "heading out soon to get drunk" turtle says... bring on the crazy!

    I'm headed to a birthday party. Glad you liked the poem, Raksha!

  35. Cool illustration and great creative litary style! Love the font choice too!

  36. Cool! your poetry has also lots of lessons too..well written with usual rhyming

  37. Thank you for visiting AB & Uma! :)


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