Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Investment Lotterization

When I was little, my dad used to say,
that I needed to save for a rainy day
and not to expect to dig and find gold
to use to live on when I get old.

I think his heart would skip a beat or two
if I thought as 21% of the masses do
That'd surely make him want to smack some sense into me.

Even if you bought 31 years' worth of tickets in one week,
you'd have less than a 1% chance for which to speak!
It would cost you many thousands of dollars
and who could afford that besides big time ballers?

You would be better off raising geese, hoping to find
the one that lays eggs worth so much it'd blow your mind.
Or perhaps you'd prefer to search for sunken and buried treasure?
It would take more time but have better odds and feel like leisure?

Whatever you do, don't throw it all away
hoping that playing the lottery will pay.
Whether shoved in a jar, mattress or actual savings,
when not thrown to the wind, cash grows like it has wings.

© Rachel Hoyt 2011.  All rights reserved.

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  1. After preferences are tallied, waitlist is ordered based on lotterized date and time of ..... Investment Policy. Procurement Policy. Rent Collection Policy.

  2. Rachel, your poems always seem to bring a smile to my face. Whether happy or sad, I am always amazed at your writing talents :)

  3. hahaha I buy one here and there
    But investment I wouldn't dare
    Although down in the u.s. somewhere
    Two people liquidated all their assets without care
    And used it all to buy tickets buy the ton
    And a million bucks they won
    So it can be done
    Although a huge risk you run

  4. @hgh review - So true. We all prioritize expenses. :)

    @Mary - I'm glad even the "sad" ones make you smile. :)

    @Pat - Yes, the risk is 99.999% against you, so I think I'll stick to spending a dollar or two at a time. :)

  5. In my pace of employment I watched many people spend their last dime, all on the hopes of winning millions. Some of them were on foodstamps or other governmental care. I haven't spent a penny on lottery in 30 years.

    I love your rhymes.<3

  6. Well, back to sitting on my geese eggs now....

  7. Just loved this, Rachael. Yes, there is nothing worse for me than seeing someone with that desperate look in their eyes, scratching at a lottery ticket. :(

  8. @Jan - Thanks! I've seen many people waste too much money on the lotto dream as well. :)

    @Jannie - Hehehe. Hilarious. Hope the geese pay off! :)

    @Martha - Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it so. :)

  9. You're right on with this one, Rachel. I play the lottery on occasion, especially when those jackpots get really big, but it's not my retirement plan or anything.

  10. I enjoyed this - very true, and well-expressed. I am yet to buy a lottery ticket but have been tempted - no longer!

  11. @Eric - Thanks! I'm glad you aren't counting on the lotto for retirement. :) - Awwww, well it is fun to buy one or two lotto tickets when the prize money gets reaaly big. THAT, I recommend. :)


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