Sunday, August 7, 2011

Train Track Therapy

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A gal who was lacking in wit
One more jolt was her goal,
Demonstration, her role.
To her friends she just looked like a twit.

© Rachel Hoyt 2011.  All rights reserved.

This is my entry for MadKane's Witless Limerick Off.
I appreciate your comments and hope you won't scoff.

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  1. there are plenty of twits around. Why do you think they call it twitter?


  2. It would be good if i commented under the right name no?


  3. Hmm, seems like a bad place to take a nap.
    Those trains tend to wake you with an awful slap.

  4. Really appreciate your time writing this post to share with us..^_^..Nice rhyme. Visit me too. have a lovely new week!

  5. That brought a smile on my lips. Needed that today...

  6. @Jan - Thanks for visiting. :)

    @Alejandro - I accept both comments gladly. :)

    @Bryan - That would be quite a "slap" indeed. :)

    @nelson - I'm glad you enjoyed the rhyme. :)

    @Rimly - So glad I could rhyme you a smile! :)

  7. Think you crossed the line with this one, feel you need to get back on track. i think you've gone Loco, so whats your motive

  8. @Larry - LOL. I can't tell if you're serious or just wanted to drop a bunch of train lingo. :)

  9. Call me strange, but I sort of want to try it now. I don't mond looking like a twit.

  10. Thanks so much for another fun contribution to my Limerick-Offs!

  11. @Doug - Let me know how it is. :)

    @mindsinger - Glad I could make you grin. :)

    @jennifaye - Thanks! :)

    @Marbles in My Pocket - I'm glad you enjoyed it! :)

    @Jesse - Hey! THANKS! :)

    @Mari - I always love a good chuckle. :)

    @Madeleine - I love your Limerick-Offs! :)

    @The Cello Strings - Smiles to you and tickles too. :)

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