Friday, August 19, 2011

Trash is Now Treasure

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Looking around, I see signs that we've taken to heart
the fact that all trash contains treasure, at least in part.
The economy has beat us down.  We're scraping pennies;
gathering recycling 'round town to buy the bare necessities.

Nearly everyone seems do be doing it in some way,
trying to find a way to recoup a cut in pay.
Some steal copper from empty homes and buildings,
while others use metal detectors to hunt for schillings.

Many people don't appreciate this scavengering.
In fact, they find the intrusion a bit maddening.
Honestly some people truly are crossing the line,
doing things that could incur more than a fine.

Some invent miracles just to earn a quick buck
and, like others, are probably down on their luck,
but it's not the same as hosting too many yard sales
and those too get busted up by uniformed males.

So what are we to do in this unique time of need?
Will you find creative ways to do a good deed?
Perhaps stash the cash producing bottles and cans
somewhere they will easily reach the right hands.

Maybe they will finally make a reality TV show
about the sketchy places that scavengers go,
a new collectibles hunter seller style
that's likely to stick around for a while.

I wish we could find a way to root out all tricksters,
to motivate others to behave like do-good-ing hipsters,
but we'll probably have to settle for commercialized charity
because true smile causing goodness (these days) is a rarity.

© Rachel Hoyt 2011.  All rights reserved.


  1. I just turned a water bottle into a hummingbird feeder,
    A wooden bowl to a birdfeeder...I'm prettty sure it was cedar.

    All my birdie friends think they are great
    and donate generously to my photographic plate
    which gives me plenty to blog about to my readers.

  2. I'm emptying my bin
    so you can have a look in
    if you find stuff of value
    you can put it on your menu
    its all yours for a dime
    as a thank you for giving me your time

    boy i get worse

  3. Amazing what some will do
    Just to make a buck or two
    But if they make another reality tv show
    I'll pelt them with snow
    Already too much of that
    At any channel's mat

  4. I don't rhyme,but love yours. I too partake in the trash to treasure. I give my cans and bottles to the young man down the street. He actually uses the proceeds to help pay for his date.

  5. @Wanda - Very creative indeed! To your example we should heed. :)

    @Larry - I knew someone was going to charge people to take their recycling soon. What's your address? I'll be over tomorrow at noon. ;)

    @Pat - I totally agree about reality TV. I don't watch any of them really.

    @Jan - I give my recycling to an acquaintance too. I bet that guy's girlfriend is thankful for you. :)

  6. I am collecting those little tabs for my the school my son attends. They collect it to raise funds to fight cancer.

  7. fantastic .. i'm growing tired of incredibly talented people like you .. ;) some steps to talent maybe at -–-8/

  8. i teach a weekly "scrap art" class to "under-privileged" kids where we make art projects out of egg cartons, empty pop bottles, toilet paper rolls etc. ;-)

    last week i cleaned out my shed and donated a bunch of stuff to a garage sale to raise money for suicide prevention. win/win

  9. We already have a show, making things out of junk. I think all this recycling that is occuring is a wonderful thing. Less in the land fills in California. Loved your poem!

  10. @ayala - That sounds like a great fund raiser! I remember collecting tabs for fundraisers when I was little... the sad part was, they never pointed out that we should recycle the can too (because they didn't have room to collect them there).

    @tbaoo - LOL. I'll try to cut it out. :)

    @Dangerous Linda - Awesome stuff! I love to hear about art programs like that. :)

    @California Ink in Motion - Yes, I live in CA too and we do a pretty good job here, but could always do better, right? Glad you liked the poem. :)

  11. Oh very well done ... I loved it :o)

  12. ….The daughter who could have made good
    like her mother, the nuclear physicist,
    but doesn’t. Rather than grow rich,
    she’ll stay in touch with her inner child
    (thank you very much.), shaping owls

    and salamanders out of clay.
    Transforming Altoid tins into

    Just a few lines of a free verse poem of mine.

    And yours, well done!

  13. @Debra - Thanks for sharing a few lines from your poem as well. :)


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