Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Student Life Envy

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If you are one of the many without a job right now,
you may be wishing to go back to school somehow.
If not, you probably haven't heard about how modern
some of the schools' college courses have gotten.

I can't imagine preferring to revise resumes
over a student's study filled, quasi-lazy days.
Perhaps it's just because I majored in Sociology,
that these courses cause me student life envy.

Bellmont University has one on Embracing Distraction.
Occidental offers the chance to study stupidity.

Heck.  I have a good job and wish I could go.
Daily work in an office isn't super exciting, you know?
Of course, I'd want someone else to pay the bill.
I'd just be there to lighten my mood without a pill.

If you are unemployed, why not invent your own course?
Perhaps search for modern remnants of the influence of the Norse?
At least you'll have something to discuss at your next interview.
You never know what that random knowledge will do for you.

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  1. lol studying stupidity? Work in a supermarket you have a vast study ground..... (both customers and co-workers ;-)

  2. A course on 'correct methods of rational thinking before a word is spoken', Ooops, the same as 'studying stupidity'. Darn it, I thought I had something there.

  3. So very true, school is so so much easier. Office's are just very boring.
    Took Life in the universe now there was a course I needed..hahaha

  4. @Bee - LOL. So true. We can study stupidity anywhere! :)

    @nene - Hahaha. /love your comment. Very witty. :)

    @Pat - Some offices are better than others, but that class sounds more fun. :)

  5. I just went to my son's freshmen orientation yesterday. What did it make me? JEALOUS! He's going to be learning so many cool things! I wish I could go back to school...alas I also have a job and responsibilities. LOL...great post.

  6. How about a class on "digital probing for nasal depth"? Sounds better than "Nose picking 101" doesn't it?

  7. @KK Sierra - It does sound intriguing, doesn't it? :)

    @Bryan - LOL. I'd at least audit that class. :)

  8. There is studying and then there is STUDYING! Hmm if I wanted to learn about the above...just step into the real world its all there at my fingertips and free!

  9. this time of year makes me nostalgic with all the "back-to-school" buzz going on. you have a knack for tapping into the collective consciousness of the moment ;-)

  10. @Savira - SO TRUE! Istudy the world every day. :)

    @Jan - I'm so glad I could make you smile! :)

    @Dangerous Linda - Ah, the collective consciousness. Thanks! It's hard to know if you've actually tapped it. Hehe.

  11. Brilliant idea. We're retired so unemployed by choice :D But my hubby takes free (yes free) online video classes at Yale, MIT, Berkeley and there's other Universities available. They can be taken for credit or no credit. Tons of subjects. Google searches will bring up info. Yale is

  12. @Mari - Oooh. That is intriguing! I will save the link for when I find a little free time to study. :)

    @Farfalla Dreams - I agree. Wisdom is a wonderful thing. :)


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