Thursday, September 29, 2011

Hippity-Hop Makes Flippity-Flop

Watching bunnies hippity-hop
makes my heart go flippity-flop.
I've never seen them jump real high,
but think they love it more than I.
No wonder there is a contest
to see which rabbit hops the best.
What's that you say?  You did not know?
That's because Europe has the show.

There the bunnies compete to win.
Here the burning desire is thin.
The Angora that hopped for me
was certainly quite cute to see,
but I imagine its nothing
compared to the fluffing
the European bunnies get.
Missing their show brings me regret.

What show, you ask? I'm happy to say -
October 30th is the day
the first European Champ will be crowned
and, maybe, a new pastime found
for lovers of furry hoppers,
pretty pets who are show stoppers
and people like me who like to
watch the fun things that animals do.

© Rachel Hoyt 2011.  All rights reserved.

If you are interested in adopting
a fluffy bunny who likes hopping,
contact B.U.N.S. today
and give a bunny a place to play.
Their festival last week was super fun!
I wish I could bring home every last one.
BUT, I've already got a mini-zoo,
so these bunnies must rely on you.


  1. really cute but us Europeans well in the UK anyway can be kind of nutty about their pets.I only have a dog ...we call her a dodgy cos I'm sure she thinks she's human ...thanks for the smiles x

  2. The bunnies sure like to hop
    As their ears flop
    Another fun post
    Here where you host

  3. Ah I love bunnies. great post, wish I could help those bunnies, like you I have to many critters to do that ones that might eat a bunny.

  4. you haven't been round of late.. You
    Is it because i ate Rabbit stew?


  5. Girls and bunny rabbits. My daughters always had to have rabbits. The latest one has done the unthinkable. My big wonderful 'butch' collie dog, now sits next to its cage looking after it, hes become a big softy.Pathetic!

  6. I love bunnies, nearly bought one the other day at the store but my house is turning into a zoo too :)

    Great rhyming so much fun and lovely pictures too xoxo

  7. So cute .. thanks for the smiles too :)

  8. When I read your poetry, I always find myself smiling and feeling the child within. What a fun and clever one this was!
    Thanks so much for sharing!


  9. Bunnies are fun :) Hope those little guys find great homes!

  10. The girl child has a rabbit. it aint cute and fluffy, but scary and filled with contempt for mankind

  11. Awww - a darling poem to go with a darling little critter.


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