Thursday, September 22, 2011

Yo Ho, Yo Ho, a Pirate Ramble for Ye

I remember hearing once on the radio,
some silly local morning show,
that Santa Barbara faced a peculiar threat.
Those words they read, I'll never forget.
They said that pirates could attack us some day.
I laughed pretty good and (in my mind) said, "No way!"

Years later the threat seems a little more real.
Perhaps Captain Jack Sparrow renewed our zeal?
Or maybe it was those guys who started that holiday
that Dave Barry wrote about - Talk Like a Pirate Day?
Of course, we could blame the Somalians themselves.
That's easier than thinking we caused it ourselves.

None of this explains why Santa Barbara is in danger
of being attacked by some scary pirate stranger.
I never found the source of the radio man's statistic,
but Google showed me a scenario that was realistic.
In fact it's not just realistic, it actually happened in the past.
The Santa Barbara Mission may have endured canon blast.

I wonder if they left behind any buried treasure?
The quest to find it would bring me much pleasure.
I hear the Ortega family uncovered some booty.
Their chest came from the Catholics.  How snooty.
Still, I think I should get a metal detector to check for cursed gold.
It could be under my place for all I know.  It's definitely old!

© Rachel Hoyt.  All rights reserved.

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  1. Let treasure fever take hold
    And go for the gold
    Be great if you found a ton
    Then be rich under the sun
    Sure there are plenty hidden around
    Just waiting to be found

  2. I love this!!!! :) so much fun :)

  3. Argh! There be gold under those sprinklers, or maybe behind the roses. Argh!

  4. @Patt - I do search for treasure every day, but usually find it the naural way... pretty flowers, trees and birds in the sky are the type I refuse to let pass me by. :)

    @ayala - So glad you enjoyed it!!! I really struggled to get it out. The words didn't come easily. :)

  5. Rachel, you never cease to amaze me by your poetic talent :)

  6. @Mary - Thank you! Your sweet comments never fail to warm my heart. :)

  7. Yo Ho! (if you yelled that down an urban street, that would have an entirely different connotation than if said on Talk Like a Pirate Day, wouldn't it?!!) Don't you let any scallywags steal your pieces of eight. Keep looking for your treasure chest!

  8. Between the zombies, pirates, and vampires,
    and other people decked out in out-dated attire.
    It seems like October 31st and every day in between
    have all been declared an extended Halloween.

  9. Rachel,

    Count me in on the hunt for Gold Matie.



  10. Just thinking here how much i'd love to be an Indiana Jones and go on a treasure hunt. Maybe i'll just go and dig the garden and see if i find anything exciting other than worms.

  11. Humorous, clever, and sassy! Loved this!

  12. Captain Jack Sparrow can attack me any time :)))) Enjoyed this!

  13. I loved amazes me how you can rhyme like this about anything....AMAZING...As always...XOXOXOXO

  14. I am sure that if I gave you a silly sentence you will create something out of it....That is how amazing you are at this!

    "What do I do with the wine in my honey"

  15. Had to stop son is obsessed with pirates! And we just recently went on that Pirates of the Carribean ride at Disney. Great prose...well done :)

  16. @Doug - I can just see you digging up your sprinklers looking for gold. LOL. Be careful. Irrigation parts are expensive! :)

    @Lolamouse - Yo Ho to you too! Hehe. It's ok when girls yell it at each other, right? :)

    @Bryan - I haven't seen any zombies or vampires in my town, but seeing costumes each day would definitely help me not frown. :)

    @Blognostics - I'll let you know when I find the map! :)

    @Larry Lewis - I would love to be on an Indiana Jones type hunt as well (minus the people trying to kill me)! :)

    @Martha - I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)

    @Nelieta - Me too. That Captain Jack Sparrow is the king of sexy pirates. :)

    @Bongo - Thank you. It is soooo nice to be called amazing. :) xoxo

    @sparklemezen - Hmmmmmm... "What do I do with the wine in my honey?" He drank it all and it is not funny. That bottle was a most prized posession. Now I must figure out how to teach him a lesson!

    @Jessica M - Some might say I'm obsessed with pirates too! :) I'm glad you liked it. :)

  17. Love, love, love your poems. They always bring me joy and delight!

  18. Fun poem! I have to say I never understood the appeal of Talking Like A Pirate day.

  19. @Mari - Thank you! That is the goal. :)

    @Madeleine - I enjoy yelling a few yars each Talk Like a Pirate Day, but I think the men like it more because they get to call us wenches and stuff. :P

  20. I love love love Johnny Depp! The Pirates are my fave movies :) Great read!


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