Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Painter Pauly and Ruler Ronnie

Image by Renjith Krishnan via freedigitalphotos.net

Why must we always choose left or right?
Sometimes the middle road is a delight.
Could it be that "easy" route doesn't actually exist?
Or is clearing the stuff in the way the thing we resist?

I've heard many dark worker's comp insurance tales,
handled claims, seen scams and where the system fails.
So, to illustrate how silly each extreme actually is,
I've written some 'nursery rhymes' about the worker's comp biz.


Painter Pauly
Painter Pauly felt a pain
shoot from his right elbow.
"Ouch!" yelled Pauly, though in vain.
No one could hear him. (Low blow.)

Painter Pauly's boss said he
should go straight to the doctor.
The company would pay the fee
with Work Comp as its proctor.

Later Pauly's boss found out
he played a bit of tennis.
This fact did not make him pout,
it made Pauly a menace.

No one proved without a doubt
what injured Painter Pauly,
though the signs did scream and shout
his lifestyle was the folly.

Other painters heard the news
(Painter Pauly's settlement).
Now Pauly's boss has the blues
and bills that are exorbitant.


Ruler Ronnie
Ruler Ronnie sent his bellhop
out into the dust storm.
He wouldn't risk leaving the shop
where it was safe and warm.

The skyscraper next door had been
demolished that morning,
but Ruler Ronnie, like some men,
refused to change a thing.

So Bellhop Bill braved the dust storm
to get his boss breakfast,
but soon his lungs showed the dust harm
was bad enough to last.

Bellhop Bill told Ruler Ronnie
he needed to get help.
The Ruler said, "Ok with me.
There is no need to yelp."

But Ruler Ronnie said that he
was not going to pay.
His sources tested and said the
air was just fine that day.

© Rachel Hoyt 2011.  All rights reserved.

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  1. Wow a ton here today
    My rhyming senses are really at play
    I don't want to go left or right
    Just read each rhyme that's in sight

  2. Your message strong it is
    Delivered with a twist!

    My very first try in writing poetry!

  3. Triple Wow! How you manage to rant and rave, make us listen and stand in awe, wishing we knew how to reply in verse.

  4. Oh people..oh money... good rhyming message. I don't know how you do that.
    Work with the crap and come out with a rhyme.

  5. I enjoyed your post and your rant. Are there any honest worker comp claims being made???

  6. @Pat - LOVE your comment! I definitely put a lot into this post and am glad it made you want to just keep reading. :)

    @Corrine - Thanks for visiting! I'm glad the message came through strong. :)

    @Savira - I loved your mini poem comment! Very sweet. :)

    @Brenda - I'm blusing at your WOW comment. :) I'm so glad you enjoy my writing style so much. :)

    @Jan - Hehehe. I like the way you describe what I do... work with crap and come out with a rhyme. :) :)

    @Rebecca McCarthy - Thanks for visiting, Rebecca! I have seen completely valid worker's comp claims as well, but they are few and far inbetween. Nearly all the ones I've seen have at least some gray area... others are clearly fraud. It is sad.

  7. Interesting rhyming tales..

    we get bogus insurance claims as well ...if its money involved, people stretches the truth or lies, if you wish.

    Happy day ~

  8. nicely played...i always try to see the third way...insurance is a racket...as much with the companies as with the policy holders...its like an endless cycle...sorry small rant...

  9. So well said.
    As a boss with many creative employees...
    and one seemingly ignorant advisor to the disabled who told me to take a job that didn't require "work" because others had said,
    "I just answered the phone"...no wonder people take advantage of the system.
    I told him that they were full of manure and I knew better if the job were done correctly. Sigh.

    Thanks for your words of reality and educating the uninformed ☺.☮ Siggi in Downeast Maine

  10. @Heaven - Yes, people will lie when money is involved. Here it is also their health at stake and (I assume) many of them would be unable to afford the treatments otherwise. It's a connundrum.

    @Brian - You are so right! I definitely should have had a third poem for the insurance companies themselves... though, I think that might be better in pantoum form, don't you? :)

    @ayala - Thanks! It was a fun rant for me.

    @siggiofmaine - Thank you! I have wanted to rant on this subject for quite a while because I deal with it a lot at my day job, but it took me quite a while to come up with an appropriate way to do so. I hope it goes without saying that neither of the nursery rhymes resemble any actual case that I know, they are a compillation of many memories into new tales. :) I do hope they will help spread the truth and need for some reform!!

  11. i enjoyed the pieces. the middle road is a delight, and this was a sweet opening that brought me in. sounds like you have an interesting job.
    i feel for paulie. he might play tennis a few hours a week but he works 40 hours:) or maybe not.
    ruler ronnie sounds about right.

  12. I used to be against the health care reforms. Then I got some bills for a recent trip to the hospital. Now I'm definitely a "middle of the road" guy.

  13. such a strong message here that you have rhymed to I really enjoyed this

  14. she rants in rhyme -- what could be more charming???

  15. @Dangerous Linda - Awww. You're sweet. I can't do it face to face, but I can write a rant in rhyme anytime. :)

  16. Rachel, absolutely delightful.... funny and true.... "What, the air seems fine to me....!" Enjoyed this immensely..... Nice to meet you.....

  17. @johnallenrichter - I'm glad you enjoyed the ending! I'm sure the air was fine.... just a smidge of dust. Hehe. :)

  18. Hi Rachel, thoroughly enjoyed your rhyming rant :)

  19. I'm not sure where my comments to Ed, Doug & Ann went, but I swear I already wrote them...

    @Ed - I've had a few interesting jobs for sure. I'm glad you enjoyed the poem. :)

    @Doug - Yep... those hospital bills have a way of making you a believer! :)

    @Ann - Thanks! I'm so glad you enjoyed the strong message. :)

    @Amy - It is fun to rant in rhyme. I'm glad you enjoyed it too. :)

  20. Your poems are always so clever and so much fun.

  21. Thank you Madeleine! I feel the same about your limericks. :)

  22. Hello.
    Stopping by from your blogoversary post.
    You are definitely the QUEEN of rhyme! Thanks for sharing.


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