Friday, October 28, 2011

I've Got a Sweet Tooth for This Book

Once upon a time, at the edge of the galaxy,
two sweet tooths decided to start a family.
The cravings these two shared weren't all about candy,
but while drawing and writing they surely ate plenty.

The she sweet tooth spun silly tales with hidden adult meaning.
The he sweet tooth doodled them to make kids think they're dreaming.
Together they created a new type of candy store -
one with bubbly cartoons and rockin' rhymes galore!

Everyone who wants to can visit their store
and come back again anytime they want more
in The Candy Store at the Edge of the Galaxy,
a rhymetastic new book I thought you should see.

The brief theme of gambling and talk of rear ends
might bother my more conservative friends
but really the collection is wholesome and cute
and contains lessons written by someone very astute.

© 2011 - all rights reserved - Rachel Hoyt

Before I go, let me leave you with one poem from the book.
I should hope that, by now, you're dying to take a look!

by Aleza Freeman

My hair is tangled,
My nails are a mess,
I spilled a soy latte
all over my dress.

There's a hole in my sock,
I tripped over a rock,
I was late for my date
'cause I don't have a clock.

My head is pounding,
My pet bird is dead,
I just got a ticket
for running a red.

Overdue for vacation
but working instead.
Oh, why did I even
get out of bed?

© 2011 - Big Doodle Head

This post was written for Smiley Sociology Study #9.
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  1. A delightful way to start my day... thanks, Rachel!

  2. Sounds good. My one vice (aside from smoking and swearing and telling dirty jokes and...) is buying books when I probably should be saving my money. I think I will have to give this one a try.

    By the way Rhyming Rachel, have you ever considered putting together a book of silly poems? It seems like you would be a natural.

  3. no i think conservatives have rear ends and gambling...bwah...people gamble all the time just by getting on the freeway...smiles. nice book review...

  4. haha if they can't handle rear end or gambling that's kind of sad
    They rhyming made me glad

  5. @Bryan - Mine or hers? :)

    @Laurie - I'm glad you found it delightful! :)

    @Doug - Yay! I'm glad I have at least one book addict in my fan club. :)

    @Brian - Well, it depends on which type of conservative I guess. I'm glad you enjoyed the book review. :)

    @Pat - I have no qualms for talk of gambling or rear ends myself. I learned HOW to gamble younger than the target reader audience for this book. :)

  6. This book about galaxies, stores, and candy
    Sounds really funny, neat, and dandy!
    I may just have to have a look
    Cuz who doesn't love a rhyming book?!!

  7. @Lolamouse - I hope you do take a look! I think you would really like the book. :)

  8. Your review of our book
    is really quite fun!
    For your kind words,
    we thank you a ton!

    Your post is rhymetastic
    and full of good cheer.
    It made us smile
    from ear to (r)ear.

  9. @Big Doodle Head - Hahahahaha. From ear to rear. :) Love it! And, I'm so glad you like the review. I wish nothing but good things for you two! :)


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