Thursday, October 27, 2011

Stopping Satellite Showers

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The sky is spewing satellites down upon the earth.
Once they land, far fewer parts will have value or worth.
Plus, allowing them to just come flying, crashing down,
brings much fear upon my heart and to my face a frown.

to save us money while recycling all the space junk that they can.
They plan to launch one big craft loaded with several smaller pods
which they'll dispatch to scavenge for valuable satellite rods.

I fear our worsening whirling, swirling atmosphere of debris.
I'd love to let a remote controlled vessel brave this danger for me.
I do hope said vessel is prepared to be watched like a hawk
to ensure that all it does is reconfigure used antennae stock.

I learned from the story of Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout
that you should always, always, always take the garbage out.
If we continue to let our satellite junk accumulate,
satellite showers will be our destiny and death by trash our fate.

To survive we'd have to find the place Sarah Stout's neighbors hid,
while ignoring a simple lesson learned long ago as an innocent kid.
We need not (yet) fear getting crushed by a tower of rancid spoiled food,
but we may get stabbed by satellite parts as proof that ditching trash is rude.

© 2011- all rights reserved - Rachel Hoyt

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  1. haha yes that space junk
    Might smash into your trunk
    Or plop on your head
    But something of more dread
    You could get killed by a poopsicle from a plane
    For real, doesn't that make you want to pop a vein..haha

  2. I hope there is such a vessel! It is quite frightening to think things falling out of the sky and crush you. Enjoyed it Rachel

  3. I loved your poem! Death by trash. I've never heard of such a thing. Thanks for adding yet another thing on my psychotic list to worry about. LOL!!!!

  4. Your talent to rhyme Rachel totally amazes me! It's wonderful how you put this in a rhyming format :)

  5. Hmmm... wil my umbrella hold up? You are brilliant in putting words together..

  6. @Pat Hatt - Leave it to you to talk of flying poo... :P

    @Rimly - I hope they can make this happen too! Oh what amazing recycling we could do!! :)

    @Leah - Well, I'm not sure that was quite the goal. I hope this new fear doesn't take a toll. :o/

    @Mary - I'm so glad you enjoyed today's rhyming news! Writing this way helps cure my blues. :)

    @Savira - LOL. I'm not sure your umbrella's built for this action. Rain drops have a little less weight and traction. :)

  7. Frightening yet true. A very nice poem by the way. Thank you, great read.

  8. Beam me up Scottie, i see a rocket about to hit me on the head

  9. Now I fear death by flying space trash
    Landing upon my head with a smash!
    We can't even keep our own planet clean
    So we move into space; it's really obscene!

  10. Loved the Silverstein reference
    Nicely done :)

  11. @TheChronicR - I'm glad you enjoyed my scary but true tale. :)

    @Lolamouse - It really is obscene! We need to keep space clean. :)

    @wordcoaster - I'm glad you enjoyed the Sarah Stout reference. It just popped in my head and made complete sense! :)


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