Friday, October 14, 2011

Mythical Middle Ground

Photo © Rachel Hoyt 2011

While many in my country are bickering about
who's to blame for all the things that they must live without,
poisoning the earth's aura with anger and rage
instead of working to find ways to get on the same page,

I see that the whole world is really not all that different.
Many feel their life's lacking.  All are seeking merriment.
The recession is everywhere.  Commercial vacancies abound.
In the world's largest mall, very few stores can be found.

The fact we're in these hard times makes it more interesting
to see the new spending opportunities the economy brings.
A new company in Norway is renting mini-submarines out.
I certainly can't afford it, but I'm not going to pout.

I also can't afford less wrinkles or a more perfect smile,
but I hear being perfectly imperfect has been popular a while.
I sometimes enjoy a nice, trendy theme restaurant,
but the Cultural Revolution brought memories that haunt.

I always thought I was a gal who enjoyed the extremes,
yet these days I feel it's not as much fun as it seems.
Sure, the perfect middle ground may not actually exist,
but is the only alternative to spend our whole lives pissed?

Our picket lines and spending opportunities are getting bolder,
but our sympathy towards others is quick growing colder.
While I still admire those who can stand up and fight,
finding middle ground now seems the more important plight.

© Rachel Hoyt 2011.  All rights reserved.

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  1. Same PAGE? Heck, we're lucky to even be reading from the same BOOK!

    Values will change when people change.

  2. Yeah, but in some ways we ARE all reading the same book (life), we just refuse to admit our stories are similar.

  3. I so agree with you. Everyone is struggling for the same thing and think they have to beat each other up to get it.

  4. Yeah if everyone would stand as one
    Things might actually get done

  5. A timely post... finding that middle ground is not easy and when we do ... it lasts for just a few moments...Staying strong in or on that middle ground requires much from us... the question is Are we ready to give it all we have?

  6. Liked the image of our "sympathies toward others growing colder" because, in finding the middle ground, it can be stabilizing, but can also isolate and prevent us from becoming more involved in the needs of others. Or, at the very least, trying to understand where they are coming from.
    Great poem and post, Rachel!


  7. Or as one philosopher expressed it, "Can't we all just get along?" :)

    Nice one, Rachel.

  8. What must be understood from this demonstration is that those that have the time to are the ones with much time because they don't have jobs. These are just the few that have the little resources they do to be able to travel to demonstrate. Imagine the numbers that can't and all the children and families that depend on them.
    The discerning issues learned from the revolution of the late 60's and early 70's were the dilineation between those of certain morals and ethics and the societal priorities we, the people, impart upon ourselves through voting. Remember history and its confluence on our present and future.

  9. While I'm not so sure I agree with you (since I'm an extreme liberal,) I think you said it beautifully.

    I just stopped by to congratulate you for your Honorable Mention in last week's Limerick-Off! Thanks for your clever Batman limerick!

  10. funny that your post about 'finding middle ground' would be the one which also includes the word 'pissed' (which kind of surprised me). sort of demonstrates the impact of extremism in a miniature way.

  11. Great poem, and really interesting links. I agree the middle ground seems to be shrinking - it's a nice mode of commentary.

  12. Very well expressed.

  13. we are so divided right now i think it would take much for us to come back together i still carry hope though...everyone seems to be too concerned pushing their own agenda..

  14. A great commentary on the troubles of the here and now.
    It bought forth a few smiles and guffaws.

  15. hard to find middle ground right now that isn't quicksand, but it's always good to keep looking.

  16. Due to all the bickering and pride, the middle ground is hard to find and agree. But I am hopeful that there is a solution somewhere...

  17. @Pat Hatt - Exactly. Until we learn to compromise, we continue to cause or own demise. :)

    @Savira - I totally agree. I'm not sure the world is ready, but I continue to hope we will get there. :)

    @Martha - I'm glad to know that line stuck with you! I see it all around and it is very disheartening.

    @Doug - I wish we could all get along... I wish. :)

    @Nene - I am angered by many of the same issues as the protesters, I suppose I'm just in disagreement about their method. The issue is quite complex.

    @Madeleine - I'm glad you could enjoy my words without joining the opinion. :)

    @Dangerous Linda - True, the word pissed was for representing the extremes. I actually don't have the cleanest mouth in real life... sorry to shock you. :)

  18. @Steve - I'm glad you enjoyed the links too! I enjoy sharing them... my research. :)

    @Mari - Thank you & thanks for visiting. :)

    @Brian - I'm glad you carry hope too. I hope we all start hearing each other again soon.

    @Tino - Thank you for your smiles and guffaws. :)

    @hedgewitch - Interesting comparison... compromise is quicksand? :)

    @Heaven - Let's all keep hoping, eh?

  19. "I hear being perfectly imperfect has been popular a while." Love that line (one of my poems contains one very similar). I love the flow of this poem. It's fun, but also very serious at the same time.


  20. @Alex Dissing - I'm glad you enjoy my light/serious combo. I am definitely a fan of perfectly imperfect people. I'm glad you are too! :)

  21. Hi Rachel great poem. I'm a dreamer and I still hope that corporate and other greed might stop one day and we all will have what we need. Well dream on.....

  22. Renting a submarine? Man, that has got to be cool........!!!

    "being perfectly imperfect has been popular a while." - This is true.... Millionaires spend hundreds of dollars on designer jeans that are beaten with stones until they have holes in them. Then I look at a photo of my father who gre up dirt poor during the depression in high-water dungarees with holes all over them..... The grass is always greener on the other side...

  23. awesome voice,
    hope that your day goes well.

  24. awesome voice,
    hope that your day goes well.

  25. such an excellent piece and some really good thought I do agree we all struggle with these ideas and thought and life each day well put

  26. @Bee - You too! Dream on...

    @johnallenrichter - Yes, it would be fun. Perfectly imperfect fun for everyone?

    @Morning - I hope you have a great day too!

    @Ann LeFlore - Thanks for stopping by! I'm glad you enjoy my thoughts. :)

  27. So much made of middle-ground, finding balance, who's to blame, why is there no shame?

    The world is not so different from what it used to be. CNN just says it is.

    Perhaps it is best to just 'be.' Simply, 'be.' Revel in your uniqueness.


  28. @Jeff - I like the idea of simply being me, but the me that is always hopes for a better we. :)


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