Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thursday Thoughts - On Sadness and Spending

Penny Diamond
by Rachel Hoyt
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Penny Diamond lives conflicted,
as her name surely implies.
Her moniker predicted
she'd depict all of those lies
advertising has inflicted
on innocent minds, ears, and eyes -
an identity afflicted
by the joy money can buy.

Penny Diamond sees a ring pop
and heads to buy shiny jewelry.
She feels the need to get a mop,
so she calls the cleaning lady.
Penny watches a bunny hop,
then needs something new and furry.
She smells Big E's Bacon Foods Shop
and finds four courses more worthy.

Penny is not too peculiar,
nor a diamond in the rough,
but her name implies she's ruler
of those ignoring bought joy's bluff.
Penny's parent's hoped they'd fool her,
but they too couldn't buy enough
to make poor Penny cooler
and fulfilled by frivolous stuff.
© 2012 Rachel Hoyt. All rights reserved
so if the season gets you down, while shopping, be pensive.
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  1. retail therapy can certainly get expensive....much more than a penny...smiles.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Yep... much more than a penny. It adds up quickly. :)

  2. Ha! Being sad can be expensive. Ain't that the truth!?

    1. Definitely. Good to "see" you here. Hope you are well!


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