Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thursday Thoughts - Ostriches Are The Other Red Meat

Ostracized Meat
by Rachel Hoyt

Oh ostrich, don't hate me,
but I've had an itch lately
for your feathers and leathers,
but my tastebuds won't teather
that with love for your meat -
lean red meat I won't eat!

Yet ostrich, I'm sorry,
to decorate Safari
I will need your plumes and hide,
Though I desire to sustainably abide...
And I bet if you were truthful,
you would wish to feel more useful.

Oh ostrich, I wish,
you were the main dish,
on some scoundrel's plate
so I could blame your fate
on carnivore's taste
and the need to not waste.

Ostrich, can't you see
unintentionally freed
you from tastebud greed
with onomotopea...
Yet are you thankful we don't eat ya?

© 2012 Rachel Hoyt. All rights reserved
Not poultry or game but currently classified the same,
I wonder if we will ever prefer ostrich to turkey?
I think I would rather give up feathers and leathers
than eat the gorgeous birds for whom I wrote these silly words.
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  1. I've eaten ostrich meat a couple of times and love it.

    1. Well, the study I read said it is likely a more sustainable red meat than cow, so... good for you! Perhaps more people should eat it. :)

  2. you know i have seen it in stores....i think at some point i tried emu but i dont remember....emu....interesting what we choose to consume you know...ha...

    1. I think I've noticed it on the menu at one or two restaraunts, but I haven't tried it. It is definitely interesting what we choose to consume and the many animals whom we only choose to consume part of.


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