Thursday, December 27, 2012

Thursday Thoughts - On Thank You Notes

 The Pen's Might
by Rachel Hoyt
image by Simon Howden via
All throughout the land
awkward hands sat lame.
Thank yous tossed bland -
one text, thirty names.
They'd forgotten that
the pen's mightier
than a sword or bat
and can make hearts purr.

All that you need is
nice stationery,
a penmanship whiz,
a mem'ry to query,
ink to suit your style,
a bit of spare time,
strength to write a mile,
or perhaps a rhyme?

cards and notes like mad
and ensured they're linked
to good times they've had
by jotting it down -
that thank you, that tale -
spreading love around
with each piece of mail.
© 2012 Rachel Hoyt. All rights reserved.

Do you send thank you notes to family and friends?
Digital, snail mail, or, "It depends."?
This lesson I found says it matters how you send.

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  1. i def miss hand written cards...there is a personal touch to them...much more than a digital blast...still good to be thought of, but...

    1. I sent out a few postcards during my recent travels. It was an amazing reminder of how much it means to people when you write them an actual note. I had fallen out of the habit a while back, but now I remember... it's worth it to take the time and pay for a stamp. I think I got more joy from hearing their responses to receiving a postcard than they felt getting it! :)

  2. If only I could print as fast as I type.

    1. These days, an old school type writer would be fun to get a letter from too... just saying. :)

  3. Good one! I fear I'm a dreadful correspondent. :)

    1. Just write them a limerick! You can correspond in any form of verse you like in my world. :)

  4. There's definitely something special about a handwritten "thank you", but being a lefty with illegible handwriting made worse by the smudging I'm glad for the digital alternative. I did make the effort to write a few this holiday season though :)

    1. All types of thank yous are good. It's the personal acknowledgement that counts the most. :)


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