Friday, September 27, 2013

Friday Fun Day - Crambo aka Bouts Rimés - Cigar

Bouts Rimés means "rhymed ends" in French and is a game or challenge where one person (me) makes a list of rhymed words and others (you) write the lines that end with those rhymes, in the same order in which they were given. It was known as Crambo in English and was quite popular in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Will you help me bring back this hip historical habit?
You are
You Go
You see
Above are the words.
Get writing rhyme nerds!
There will be no winner. This is just for fun
and the joy of rhyming a smile for everyone.


  1. puff/lip my Cigar
    rolled tight as You are
    no room for Ego
    just burn as You Go
    leaving a Smoky
    trail to follow & see you as You see

    1. This kind of makes me want a cigar. Sounds like he's an old friend. Hmmm...

  2. Like a cigar
    Change, you are
    Cremated ego,
    Ashen, you go
    Simmering, smoky,
    And then you see.

  3. oo i like the cremated ego....
    nice last line as well


Rhyming or not, I would like a lot to hear the thoughts my words brought...