Thursday, September 12, 2013

Do Certain Forms of Communication CauseYou to Stress Out?

This video was discovered through Neatorama.
Ode to Communication
by Rachel Hoyt
Happy are the tongue and fingers
Which communicate with ease,
On which no clichés linger,
No abbreviations seize;

Which recognize all homonyms
And put them in their place,
Which know plentiful synonyms
To weave in like fine lace;

Which spin around with tone and tense
Dancing with each word,
Each line and letter full of sense,
Meaning fully heard.

© 2013 Rachel Hoyt. All rights reserved.


  1. Yes, the rhyme was awesome.

    To answer this compelling question;
    emails and texts I do not groan.
    But I have a verbal confession,
    how I hate talking on the phone.

    1. I hated talking on the phone for quite a few years, but am getting back into it... with people who don't live nearby... :)

  2. Rachel, the rhyme is wonderful and it does make me crazy to have so many ways to communicate. Though texting is so easy--it's just also easy to have it be misunderstood... ;-)


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