Saturday, November 23, 2013

Even Robots Get the Blues

Room Blah
by Rachel Hoyt

Cleaning up dust,
And crumbs gone astray,
Preventing must,
Scrubbing the gray,

On-Off, Start-Stop,
No free will to choose,
Can't rise to the top,
Sing or strum the blues,

Alone with its thoughts,
The end is in sight,
To shed its bum lot,
It walks towards the light.

Copyright © 2013 Rachel Hoyt. All rights reserved.

A family in Austria claims theirs was the first,
that robots can have deadly emotional outbursts.
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  1. wow...pretty crazy article...raises interesting questions that asimov brought up as robots have souls? and then what does that say of us...

  2. Wild robot story, fun verse!

    PS, I had to edit this post to mention the irony of being asked to prove I'm not a robot in order to post. LOL!

    1. LOL. That's right! No robots are allowed to comment on my robot poem. LOL


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