Saturday, July 9, 2011

Trendy Weather Talk

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Let's face it people. We all talk about the weather.
Something about the subject brings us together.
Yet the study I conducted with that very theme
wasn't so popular... just what does that mean?

I could assume the obvious: people find the weather boring
and are trying to avoid causing their readers' snoring.
But how could you ignore the weird storms that we've had lately?
Am I wrong to think talking about them won't date me?

I'm pretty sure discussing Haboobs is quite trendy.
I've heard more talk of them lately than I have of Fendi.
I'm also quite certain if animals again fell from the sky
that we'd loudly debate if it was true or a lie.

are either trend setters or writers quite plain.
I think all the entries were far from mundane.

So, whether you think weather talk is cool or nerdy
we'll keep discussing the odd, cool and perty
that we see all around us each and every day.
Feel free to join in this life enriching trend, ok?

© Rachel Hoyt 2011.  All rights reserved.

 This rhyme was written in response to Smiley Sociology Study #7 on Weather.
Check back for the next opportunity to link up together.


  1. Whether the weather is something to get

    Excited about, or simply forget,

    Depends upon factors that vary, I bet --

    Like whether it's wild, or merely all wet.

  2. Weather is fine by me
    Except when that's all one can see
    And say
    Every single day
    Then that would be a tad of a bore
    Not saying anything at all but weather some more
    But a post here and there
    Especailly with rhyming flare
    Can be fun to read
    So go ahead and print your weather feed
    Whether they want it
    Whether they have a fit
    Do it anyway
    AS it's your place and play what you want to play
    Or ummm write
    Good night

  3. What great rhyming comments Joey & Pat! They made a sunny day brighter for this cat. :)

  4. beautiful weather talk
    all making me want to take a walk
    and see if its really a warm day
    as they said it would be today

    happy sunday~

  5. Guess I'm a nerd cause I like talkin bout the weather,

    maybe I should call the weather channel so we could all get together,

    to discuss why I'm always right and they are always wrong

    and a new career in meteorology where I knew all along I belong.

  6. It's such an easy topic to talk about, I try to refrain from small weather chit chat with the people I meet. Constantly being surrounded by strangers I may end up a weather woman lol

  7. it is smoking hot today
    wish the wind would wisk away
    some of these frying rays
    maybe a spot of rain
    to cool my forehead pain...

  8. I am pretty impressed by all this rhyming. Makes me want to do some more - really and I do not care if it is about the weather or not (you can always take it with you ;-)anyway )

  9. LOL! Fun poem about the study. Thanks for the mention!

  10. @Heaven - I hope you had a nice sunny walk inspired by this trendy weather talk. :)

    @Wanda - I guess I'll call you when I want to know what the skies today will show. :)

    @SJ - Ah, well, I'll try to keep you informed of the funner weather topics that are more exciting than, "sun again today in the tropics".

    @Brian - I hope you found a gentle cool breeze and that the pollen in the air doesn't make you sneeze. :)

    @Bee at one - The rhyming is the funnest part for me as well. It enlivens any story I could tell. :)

    @Madeleine - Thanks for participating in the study blog buddy! Your limericks are always fun. I look forward to writing another one. :)

  11. When I start talking about the weather with a person it means I have nothing to say to that person anymore and it makes me edgy to end the conversation but your poem is a joy to read. I think after reading it I wont mind rhyming about the weather!!

  12. Here i am in the cold, driving rain of the North East of England, famous for its appalling weather. So i get away to one of my favourite blogs whose unbelievable use of words often carries me to wonderful places in my head. Today what does she do, she talk about the weather. I'm staying indoors, and off line now

  13. @Rimly - I definitely understand using weather talk around people you don't like so much. But there is crazy weather sometimes (generally somewhere other than where you live) that is fun to talk about occasionally... especially in rhyme. :)

    @Larry - Ah, Larry... so sorry to have left you down. You don't have to ponder YOUR weather you know. I'll have another, better, wackier poem up soon.

  14. Rachel... é uma delicia te ler!...


  15. @A.S. - Does that say it was a delight to read? I speak Spaish but think that is... portugese?


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