Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Vacationing Vicariously

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This summer I am vacationing vicariously through the news.
I can't afford to actually go but still love to pick and choose.
After watching the LA Red Bull Soapbox Derby on TV
I wondered what other odd events were out there to see.
Beyond the redneck games and cultural festivals we know,
what other fabulous places have sprung up that I should go?

The first place I discovered which I would like to explore,
is a pinball museum built north of me on the shore.
From there I'd like to fly to see the beer bottle temple.
I think staring at it would be a moment quite special.
I've decided to skip the luxurious Nazi Beach Resort.
Ask why and, "I've got enough bad dreams" will be my retort.

For my grand finale I'd like a week aboard my dream:
a Tropical Island Mega Yacht that's fit for a queen.
So far, they've only actually made a prototype
but I'm sure it's first sail will be worth all the hype.
I hope the boat will take us to an underwater party.
Trying out all of that would make my summer fun hearty!

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This poem was entered in Poets' Rally Week 49.
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  1. I'll vacation vicariously with you,
    There's nothing much else for me to

    I can't afford an actual trip,
    Or even cocktails to simply sip

    But dreaming is free
    And almost as fun
    So let's pretend
    We're sitting in the sun

  2. Vicarious vacations rock! Affordable, no sunburn, no mosquitoes, no hours of highway traffic.

    I've got a bunch of pictures in my DeviantArt gallery (BuddhaRocks - there's a link on my main blog) if you want to see some of the places in Michigan.

  3. Please don't hold it against me that I can't rhyme my comments. Coming here is my little break so a mid day holiday. Thanks for the smile.

  4. I loved your vicarious vacation...the pinball museum and beer bottle temple sound like fun! But the mega yacht? It sounds divine!

    Thank you for the smiles :)

  5. Loved it! Sounds like the perfect way to vaction for me :)

  6. I love the idea of the dream vacation too~

    Enjoyable read~

  7. It's funny. I stumbled across pictures of that pinball museum the other day, looking for images for a post I'm planning. I love pinball. I would love to see that museum.

  8. beautiful word play.
    humor never fails as a treat.
    Happy Rally.

  9. Charming write, in our minds and creativity we can go anywhere! ~ Rose

  10. mmmm BEEEEER!!!!

    nice Rachel


  11. Am curious to see where your vacationing will take me....

  12. What fun way of wanting to spend summer!

  13. Wonderful! I would agree with you on the Nazi beach resort, don't think that would be very enjoyable! Thanks for the read!

  14. Thank you for all the LOVELY comments everyone!!! :)

    @Tricia - Mmmm, that cocktail you made is super yummy. I'm glad we found somewhere to sit that's sunny. :)

    @Eric - So true! There's never any annoying bugs or traffic when vacationing vicariously... just loads and loads of fun things to see. :)

    @Brenda - No need to rhyme your comment, my dear. Glad you left a non rhyming one despite some fear. :)

    @Bec Owen - I really may neeed to go visit that pinball museum. I LOVE playing pinball. :)

    @Jessica M - I'm glad you enjoyed it and smiled for a bit. :)

    @Heaven - Who doesn't want a dream vacation?! I wish I could take one every day... oh wait, I can! :)

    @Bryan - Let's take a pinball vacation! :)

    @ayala - Thanks!

    @Jingle - I'm glad you enjoyed the humor. :)

    @C Rose - Creativity is definitely a powerful thing!

    @Alejandro - Cheers!

    @Savira - Hmmmmm... to the wife carrying championships? You can spectate if your husband doesn't want to compete. :)

    @Mama Zen - Thanks for visiting!

    @Jan - thank you!

    @Chim - I'm glad you enjoyed my word play. Have a great day!

    @Rimly - Ah, the dreams... :)

    @Kate - I've already had one friend vote FOR the nazi beach resort... probably an inexpensive place for a big group to get together, he says. LOL.

  15. much fun! definitely brought a smile

  16. my dream vacation is always next year, I live in hope ....sometime just exploring what's on your doorstep is eye opening ....thanks f9or as always making me smile x

  17. Mah-va-las! This is very entertaining. Well done!

  18. haha WOW that yacht is amazing
    Had a fun time just gazing
    Imagine what that thing cost to make
    A trip on that be fun to take
    But yeah I'm with you
    Going vicariously too

  19. how cool would an under water party be, probably a bit more fun than the soap box derby, beer bottle temple,are they all empty? what fun would that be?

  20. Simply awesome..and i had my trip reading yours :)


  21. @Blossom - So glad I could make you smile for a while. :)

    @kez - Yep. I have one vacation I've been planning and replanning for six years now. I sure hope the money comes together soon! :)

    @Marbles in My Pocket - Aw... your comment reminds me of a friend who liked to say, "Mah-va-lous. Simply mah-va-lous." all the time.

  22. @booguloo - Thank you! (And, thanks for making your name easy to rhyme with. Hehe.)

    @Pat - That yacht got a big WOW from me. Oh how much fun it would be. :)

    @Brian - The soap box derby was SO MUCH FUN to see on TV. But, I missed it live, so let's hit up the under water party! :)

    @Alcana - I'm so glad you got a vacation while reading. I hope it was exactly what you were needing. :)

  23. I like it B-) A dream vacation, literally! Very interesting and witty too.

    My Rally Poem ~ Vicissitude of thought

  24. Sounds pretty darned fun, Rachel!

  25. Clever poem and clever way to "travel."

  26. I've done alot of my summer travel'in the same way - This was way too fun and cool - but you had to have made up the nazi beach resort, right?

  27. @Leo - I like your smiley faced sunglasses dude. B-)

    @Kim - I'm glad you enjoyed the vacation! :)

    @Madeleine - I always enjoy being called clever. Feel free to stop by here whenever. :)

    @abthomas - I wish I made up the nazi beach resort... click the link. :)

  28. Wish I was on this dream vacation too :) Sunny and cheery - thanks for the perfect summer images D

  29. That is crazy, I love the idea you came up with of vacationing vicariously, it is really creative and almost everybody can relate.

  30. @Clarice - Everyone whe reads gets to take this vacation. :)

    @jakeox - I'm glad you enjoyed the concept so much. Thank you!

  31. @Clarice - Everyone whe reads gets to take this vacation. :)

    @jakeox - I'm glad you enjoyed the concept so much. Thank you!

  32. I did so enjoy reading your poem. :) I promised myself I'd find the time to 'vacation vicariously.' Sounds like a wonderful idea.

  33. Never really wanted to visit the US but you make me think about it ;-) but we are just back from a trip to see my grandma (nearly 2000 miles in the car I never go on holiday ever again lol)

  34. I love quirky places too and I am with you no funds for an actual vacation so we'll just have to dream and create landscapes with our words

  35. @poeformology - You should definitely try it! I mean... hopefully you did while reading. :)

    @Bee at One - You should defiitely come visit the US! Though, a plane ride here won't be much better than that car trip. :)

    @mindlovemisery - I'm so glad we could dream a vacation together. Happy summer! :)


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