Monday, July 4, 2011

Do I look like fireworks?

Image by pal2iyawit via

A woman who always felt free

to dress as weird as she be.

Went out in tie dye

for the 4th of July.

Firework colors made her feel pretty.

© Rachel Hoyt 2011.  All rights reserved.

This rhyme was written for Mad Kane's Freedom Loving Limerick Off.
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  1. Very nice piece
    Did she where fleece
    Or was it too hot
    When she was all hot to trot
    Singing a song to Grease

  2. @ayala - Happy 4th to you! Did you wear tie dye too? :)

    @Pat Hatt - It wasn't to hot here. Hope the weather was nice there. I wish we could cheer for sunny skies everywhere!

  3. Be yourself and wear what you like
    So what if the colors are wild enough to bite?
    Wear what you like and like what you wear
    Whatever you sport, tie die or jeans skin tight
    For the 4th of July it will be alright.

  4. Am sure you had a happy 4th of july in tie dye

  5. Let me try this one more time.

    I hope you had a wonderful 4th of July,
    was that you who was wearing the tie dye?
    Did you watch fireworks from afar
    or did you celebrate at a local bar?
    Either way you were colorful to be by.

    I'm telling you, its empty up there!;D

  6. The skirt that hung down to her knees

    Was caught by the hot July breeze;

    And as it did rise,

    Revealing her thighs,

    The temp went up ten more degrees.

  7. I missed the fireworks completely this year,
    although the neighbors set off plenty to hear.
    I think that my dog is still shaking with fear.
    I love to see fireworks pop, fizzle, and explode.
    It's getting home after that makes me implode,
    stuck for three hours on the same stupid road.

  8. I too have a tie dye shirt
    It's so loud it makes your eyes hurt!
    Whenever I wear it
    My family can't bear it
    And issues an all out alert!

  9. @Debra - I love the first and third lines! Very Seussical. :)

    @Rimly - Other than spilling all over the tie dye due to a chair malfunction... :)

    @Wanda - Very cute rhyming comment! You're lying about that empty brain thing. :)

    @Joey - I'm pretty sure my legs aren't as hot as the ones described in your rhyme, but I'm going to pretend it is me anyhow. :)

    @Bryan - LOL. I skipped the fireworks show for the same reason. Too big of a crowd.

    @Lolamouse - We could go out together in our loud shirts! Eyes would get hurt and I bet there'd be many alerts! :)

  10. smiles...hey anything to loove pretty eh?


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