Thursday, June 30, 2011

Ironic Animal Love

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Examples of irony in real life are amusing,
though generally simultaneously confusing...
the city named for a sainted animal fan.
They'll still allow them to be sold as food.
(Not exactly that for which Assisi stood).

The shelters workers are sad from flushing abandoned fish.
and making young hamsters sleep more soundly than they wish.
They seem to think their work is the ultimate proof
that people's love for animals vanished with a poof.
Their lives are not valued so sales should be banned?
To lend the furry, creepy and crawly a helping hand?

Perhaps they were people who couldn't find a landlord
unscathed to see a car plaque that says, "Paws on board!"
Maybe they also recently lost their house,
but previously would've cared for every last mouse?
A pet ban, to me, seems a little bit rash;
a way for the city to save lots of cash.

The silver lining, I suppose, is they haven't banned pets.
Yet if I lived there now I would have some regrets.
Finding a place to buy stuff for my cat and my turtle
would become more rare than little girls named Myrtle.
Plus, I love to visit baby rabbits and pups at the store.
Petting them is a past time I absolutely adore.

© Rachel Hoyt 2011.  All rights reserved.


  1. Read this to my two kids, my mini-poodles. They no longer want to move to Frisco.

    They certainly enjoy your love for their species. They asked me if they could write you a little ditty in appreciation and I said of course. Here it is:

    ruf ruf ruf paw
    paw paw paw ruf ruf ruf
    ruf paw ruf paw ruf paw
    paw pawpaw ruf!


  2. how will people get a cat to then discard it into the wild I wonder?


  3. OMGGGGGGGGG this made me sad.....did ya know I used to rescue and raise rats??????? as always...XOXOXO

  4. This is terrible. The fish being flushed reminded me of Finding Nemo

  5. This is amazing I had not heard of this. I have heard of people just dumping their pets... NO excuse

  6. That. Is. Bizarre. But oddly entertaining ;)

  7. Hi Rachel -

    You sure do love your animals and I surely enjoy your poems, as always. :)

  8. @nene - ruf ruf ruf paw back at ya! :)

    @Alejandro - I don't get it either but do know that many apartment complexes in my town have cats that were left behind when people moved.

    @Bongo - Rats, eh? I did not know. xoxo

    @Rimly - Let's hope that all the fishies that get flushed have happy endings like Nemo! Sadly, I doubt it. :(

    @Jim - It is crazy that the problem is so bad they are pondering banning pet sales.

    @KD - I'm glad you agree it is an entertaining thought!

    @Charlie - I do indeed love my animals. :) I'm glad you like my poems. :)

  9. This is rather sad
    Who ever thought of this is nuts a tad
    Be ever worse if it catches on
    And it spreads across the country to every lawn
    Then the whole world would join in
    And that would just be a sin

  10. Very sad subject but your rhyme is, as always, terrific!

  11. Leave it to Frisco for crazy decisions
    They even want to ban circumcisions!
    Those Friscans are really a lunatic lot
    Blame it on the 60s and smoking that pot!

  12. That is super cute..yet sad reality.

    Thanks for joining poets rally.

  13. Your sad message is well wrapped. Apt tribute to the masters, Seuss and Silverstein.

  14. This is so sad. I live in Sweden puppies and kittens are sold through breeders not via the pet store because the puppy mills and kitty mills that supply to stores breed in all sorts of diseases and well the conditions there are usually very cruel. Smaller animals can be purchased at stores and of course animal supplies. Here pet laws are strict you can't leave your dog at home alone for more than 2 hours its illegal and considered animal cruelty.

  15. Ir really enjoyed this being that I lived in SF for 2 years before I moved a few more times. Really well done.

  16. I enjoyed your poem with a message. Well done as always. Tigerbrite.

  17. @Pat - It is indeed quite sad. But your commen is rad. :)

    @Mari - I hope it wasn't too sad. Leaving with no smile would be bad.

    @Lolamouse - Hehe. What a cute comment you left for me. :)

    @Jingle - Thanks for hosting the rally and helping to "up" my comment tally. :)

    @Ector - I'm glad you feel it's an apt tribute to my heroes. I'd be sad if you thought they were zeroes. :)

    @mindlovesmisery - I love that law! Way to love those puppy paws!

    @Alexandria - I do love San Fran and visit when I can. :)

    @planet cyberluz - Glad you enjoyed the message and rhyme. I hope you'll come visit another time. :)

  18. Still loving all the rhyming! Keep it up! I come here whenever I need a smile! I hope you are still following me too!

  19. Oh i sure hope this isn't true :(

  20. Very Clever and what a treat to read!

  21. I am taking this as fact and can't believe they could enact such a law. I love the way you say it much better though. I read with a smile even though my heart aches at the thought! How'd you do that? :)

  22. I am not a pet lover but I respect people' choice to have pets for company or love.

    Nicely written ~

  23. Wow - lunacy reigns, but I loved the poem

  24. @Jill - Nice to see you! I do still pop in on your blog from time to time. :)

    @TC - Unfortunately, it is... click the links. :(

    @themsivh - Thank you!

    @Judy - I'm so glad to hear you could smile through it. :)

    @Heaven - I'm glad you enjoyed the piece. :)

    @Jo - Lunacy is indeed everywhere. :)

  25. Entertaining yet sad, and educational. Enjoyed reading your poem.

  26. Thanks for visiting, Norma! I'm glad you liked my rhyme. :) I just tried to leave a comment on your blog, but it wouldn't work? :( It's probably just a glitch.


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