Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Steve Martin Limerick

A man who was proud of his clout,

for joking and goofing about,

picked up the banjo,

used verbal ammo,

and let his fun singing voice out.

© Rachel Hoyt 2011.  All rights reserved.

This is my entry for Mad Kane's Limerick Off for this week.
I tied in Steve Martin 'cuz my love for his comedy's not meek.

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  1. I always liked him on Saturday Night Live.

  2. Have you heard his album "The Crow"?

  3. I just love listening to him, he happens to be one of my favorites. :)

  4. Thanks for visiting Matty, Eric & Wanda! I've always loved his acting. This was the first I've heard his music, but I aim to hear more. His lyrics are funny and banjos cheer me at the core. :)

  5. haha never knew he did this at all
    Was a fun little diddy even if he wasn't very tall..haha

    Maybe Cheaper by the Dozen his music sells
    Or The Jerk ups it with bells
    Or some Dirty Rotten Scoundrels could come along
    With some Pink Panther song
    And Sgt. Bilko will ignore your yells

  6. Steve Martin is 'the' funny man of our times. I love his expressions! Thanks for this, Rach, it's cute.

  7. I'm walking away and might then catch a plane, train or a automobile

    A lol

  8. Steve has tried many new things
    through-out his career.
    Now he's picked up a banjo
    to assault my brain and my ear.
    But the music I can deal with.
    It's folksy and cute.
    I'm more worried about nightmares
    of that darn chicken suit.

  9. You've captured him perfectly, well done

  10. Thanks so much for your fun Steve Martin limerick contribution to this week's Limerick-Off.

    By the way, I'm in the middle of Steve Martin's latest novel: Object of Beauty. It's very engaging, especially if you have any interest in the New York art scene.

  11. Hi Rachel -

    Hehehe I always love your poetry and the humor within. Thank you Rachel. The smile was good for me tonight. :)

  12. This was funny Rachel! I wish it would reach Steve Martin - I am sure he would love it too.

  13. @Pat - Haha. Love the movie references. :) Glad I could introduce you to his music!

    @Corrine - His expressions are AWESOME!

    @Alejandro - Hehe. Which one did you pick? Plane, train or aouto? :)

    @Bryan - The chicken suit is funny! You can beat up a chicken, especially in your dreams. No need for nightmares. LOL

    @zenmirror - Thank you! I'm sure I've only captured one of his good sides. :)

    @Madeleine - How fun that you're readinghis book right now! I haven't read any of his writing. :(

    @Charlie - I'm glad Steve and I could make you smile!

    @Kriti - If I had less morals I could ensure this reached Steve. :) He lives close by...

  14. Love Steve Martin, even more now with his banjo. I wrote a poem about his latest album months ago called Pluck the Twang, nice to see someone else appreciates this side of him.

  15. @Christine - Steve Martin is an amazing guy. I'm always happy to meet a fellow fan too. I look forward to checking out Pluck the Twang! :)

  16. :-)!!
    How can you not love Steve Martin? I needed this little lift today! Thank you!

  17. @Kim - I'm so glad I could give you a lift! :)


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