Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Funny Happy Statistics

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A recent survey by some social site called Badoo
The old U-S-of-A was ruled #1
and I must agree, here we like to have fun!
The thing is, we came in first of fifteen.
Leaving some countries out seems sorta mean.

North Korea also decided to gather some information
They ranked China first and themselves in second
which was not exactly the results that I reckoned...
but then again, not super duper surprising
to discover a TV poll was just surmising.

It seems re: happiness, they make up the numbers
that will most appropriately justify their plunders.
I hope you won't frown now that you know.
I'd rather your happy meter lean "to" and not "fro".
If I must join in their game to conquer your frown,
for making up a few stats of my own I am down.

In my not-so-careful qualitative research I have found
the following statements mostly true all around.
41% of the world is fairly happy.
23% of all people know how to act sappy.
Add the 12% that are actually funny to lead the crew
and they could bring smiles to someone who's feeling blue.

Hmmmmm... I still don't feel quite right fudging these numbers
even though happy smiles are the goal of my plunders.
Perhaps you'll comment below with what you think is true?
Who is funniest and happiest and what do they do?
If you'd be so kind as to leave your responses with me,
the world will have more accurate funny happy statistics to see.

© Rachel Hoyt 2011.  All rights reserved.

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  1. LOL Rachel! I love how you do that! I think 98% of USA is happy and the other 2% just need a little motivation :)

  2. I think 50% are mad or are they the sane ones?

    Be happy and happy be's..


  3. How do they quantify some like "fun"?
    How do you count it with zeroes and ones?

    I could make up results all by myself.
    89% of the world likes to smile for their health.
    46% of those silly old Eskimos
    don't even realize that they wiggle their toes.
    22% of monkeys won't admit they feel sad
    and 67% or horseflies think they look like their dad.

  4. I felt happy when I got here, but now I feel inadequate that I can't rhyme like you and Bryan -- haha!

    Fun post -- synchronistically in tune with mine this morning "10 Things That Make Me Happy". I will be sure to share this with my friends who are feeling down ;-)


  5. I'm not sure what the motivation is behind such surveys? Are you really that happy if you have to prove it? Are you trying to make others feel less happy by ranking them lower?

    87% of people surveyed think poll statistics are mostly meaningless.

  6. They're convenient and clever, those statistics
    They can perform a myriad of great tricks
    Whatever you want them to say, they will say
    They're very cooperative in their own way
    Most folks will claim a higher than average IQ
    If you ponder it, could this really be true?
    Where are the dolts on the bottom of the bell?
    Perhaps they are the ones who are sadder than hell?

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  8. This post was quite grand, I'd say it's terrific;
    your comments are swamped with prolific statistics.

  9. @Mary - I'm glad you think the world is so happy! I like optimists. :)

    @Alejandro - I think we are all mad in some way. :)

    @Bryan - LOL. Love your rhyming stats... especially the last two. Are you SURE the monkeys won't admit they are sad or are they just that darn glad? :)

    @Dangerous Linda - Oh no! Don't let the rhymes make you feel inadecuate!!! xo I LOVED your post on ways to produce happiness. It made me a subscriber! :)

    @Eric - Good questions! Wish I had the answers...

    @Lolamouse - Hehe. I love that you used the word dolts. :)

  10. @Pat Hatt - I'm sorry, but I have removed your rhyming comment for swearing... but I'm adding it here with one revision...

    Statistics aren't all that great
    As they can say one is happy or irrate
    They can bend and take shape to what you want
    So you can go to your enemy and taunt
    Some could be happy with this and that
    While other things they think fall flat
    Some could find one thing happy
    Yet another could find it sappy
    As well all have opinions that add to the toll
    But [why oh why must they behave like a troll]?
    As everyone has one they'll shout about
    Either to gloat or vote
    For some statistic they think is correct
    But how they really feel they neglect
    As they want to go with the crowd
    So they can act all proud
    Unable to think for themselves one bit
    Afriad one might have a fit
    So happy for most is following what society states
    And they feel proud when these so called statistics baits
    Them into thinking they are right
    Helping them sleep at night
    Yet the only statistic that should matter is ONE
    And how you go about having FUN

  11. @Doug - Thanks dude! I'm grand, terrific and prolific?! :)

    @ayala - Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)

  12. smiles. they must have polled them after reading your verse...i too wonder about the dynamics of the polling but cant say its wrong to have happiness...

  13. Oh whoops I'll keep it pg
    As I wouldn't want to cause nothing but glee..lol

  14. For me it all dePends on what time of the Month this happinesS poll is being taken! ;D

  15. 100% amusing, Rachel. You made me completely happy. :-)

  16. Ah, the stats profs abuse to earn tenure,
    caused poor pat to swear and earn censure.

  17. @Brian - I definitely wish happiness, but I'm not sure that's what their stats create. :)

    @Pat - No worries, sir Pat. It's not like I don't talk like that. I just try to keep my published stuff clean. Thanks for understanding what I mean. :)

    @Wanda - LOL. Yes, we women do swing back and forth a bit. :)

    @Kim - So glad your visit was happy! :)

    @Connie - Yes, poor Pat isn't to blame... stats can drive one insane! :)

  18. You are the queen of all things that rhyme, making me happy 100% of the the time.

  19. I dont about how many percent of people are happy or sappy but you sure brought a smile in me with this rhyme of yours. LOL!


  20. @Matty - Now there's a statistic I like!! :) I wonder what % of readers agree with you... :)

    @Rimly - I still don't know what percent of people are happy or sappy either! But, I'm having fun making you all smilier by talking about it. :)

  21. Oooohh...Math and stats!! Just what a finance gal likes to see! ;-)

    All I know is, you are 100% AWESOME, lady!! :)) and whenever I am reading your posts, I am 100% happy! :))

    Oh, and since you have asked for the OSW link, here is mine.. :)

  22. @Kavita - Hehe. Glad you like the statistics and rhyme combo. A finance girl, eh? What do you know.. :)


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