Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Happy Blogoversary to Me!!

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It's hard to believe that it's been a year
since I started posting silly rhymes here.
I enjoy, oh so much, making all of you smile
and plan to continue writing here for a while.
In fact, what you see now is the beginning
of hopes that I'll soon shout "I'm winning!"
I've begun to submit my rhymes to contests
and making greeting cards I hope will impress.
I'm still working on opening my online card shop,
but when I do, I hope you'll help it not flop!
In the mean time, I hope you'll read one of my favorite rhymes
and keep coming back for more smile inducing good times.

© Rachel Hoyt 2011.  All rights reserved.

Here's ten of my favorite rhymes,
in random order.  Good times!


  1. YAY!

    Happy blog-day to you
    Happy blog-day to you
    Happy blog-day,
    Dear RACHEL,
    I love your rhymes too!

  2. You've shared Joy, Gracias!

  3. One today - oh what a joy
    You're always amusing and never annoy.
    Rhyme Me a Smile, I ask
    And you always oblige....
    'Oblige' there's a word
    That you never can rhyme
    Try if you can, and do have the time! :)

    May you continue to bring many smiles with your wit and rhymes, Rachel.

  4. Oh...What a Happy Day! Congratulations! And here's to another great year as well! Bottoms up:)

  5. @Tricia - I think I heard you singing! :)

    @nene - De nada mi amigo.

    @Corrine - I'll add oblige to my list of challenges! :) I love challenges. :)

    @Anna - Cheers! Am I supposed to chug wine in the morning?! Oops. :)

  6. A whole year deserves a cheer
    As you go happy and forget the fear
    Making all smile
    Nicely not vile
    As rhymes are great
    And I can relate
    That you knew
    Congrats on the one year by you

  7. Happy Blogoversary toooooo you
    I love what you doooo
    your rhymes are the greatest
    and your smiley sociology studies are tooooo.

  8. Hooraaaay!! Happy Happy Happy Blogoversary to you!!! Time flies doesn't it :D I wish you mant more years to come!

    Ciaooo Xx

  9. Congratulations on your year
    Your rhymes make us all want to cheer!
    And if you use them to make dough
    Then I will shout, "Way to go!"

  10. Commendations on your blogoversary,
    and here's hoping there's a lot more verse to see.

    (Yeah, I'll think I'll let you do the greeting cards ;) )

  11. Congratulations on your 1st anniversary. May this your 2nd year bring you much joy and excitement, and the successful completion of all your projects. We know the life of a blogger is never dull.

  12. Happy blogoversary! There's so much great stuff here... keep it up! :D

  13. big hugs and lots of love on your blogday ! x x x x

  14. Congrats On Your Big Big Day
    I Hope Things Go Your Way...
    I Cannot Rhyme For My Life...
    See? I Told You...

  15. Rachel,

    Congratulations sweet heart : )

    Here is to another year of beautiful rhymes from you...

  16. Happy blogoversary dear friend
    May your rhymes go on and never end
    As long as you keep this smile on my face
    I’ll return every day to this charming place

  17. well well well we are 1 yay!!

    Where's my piece of cake?


  18. Here's the cake I baked for you!!!! Happy blogoversary to youuuu! xo

  19. Congratulation You obviously have a talent for writing these rhymes.. Good luck in your future

  20. @Pat - Thank you fellow rhymer and good timer! :)

    @Wanda - I love all the extra o's. :) good singing! :)

    @TJ - Time DEFINITELY flies! :)

    @Lolamouse - I'll let you know if I make enough dough for you to shout "Way to go!" :)

    @Mama Zen - thanks for visiting!

    @Bryan - I think you rhymed good! But thanks for not competing with my card shop anyhow. :)

    @Larry Lewis - I like the sound of joy and excitement! I'm certain year two won't be dull.

    @Ben - Thanks bro! (That's my brother making me smile.)

    @kez - Hugs back at ya! :)

    @Brahm - You were so close to a four liner! LOL. :)

    @Jessica (FOW) - Thank you! I hope to make it through year two too. :)

    @Debra - I'll do my best to keep that smile on your face! Thank you sweetie.

    @Fernando - No cake here. Only whiskey. Want a shot? :)

    @Pamela - Oh, looks like the cake is here after all! Mmmmm...

    @Jim - Thank you! I'm sure I need at least a little luck for my future. :)

  21. A Very Happy Anniversary Rachel. You amaze me with your rhymes.

  22. Congrats and cheers ~

    May all your hard work pay off.

  23. @Rimly - Thank you Rimly, Heaven & Madelieine! :)


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