Saturday, June 18, 2011

Drop Dead Beach Weather

Photo © Rachel Hoyt.  All rights reserved.

One hundred and fifty two years ago yesterday,
the beach town where I live had a VERY hot day.
It was so flaming warm that birds fell from the sky
and cows toppled over dead before they knew why.

Who knew Santa Barbara held the record for so long
without becoming known for weather that's weird and wrong?
I've long wondered why the June gloom fog surprises everyone.
Perhaps that day long ago is why we're known for summer sun.

© Rachel Hoyt 2011.  All rights reserved.

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  1. First to comment on this one!
    It brought my mindset to a sunny day in rainy Seattle. Goal achieved.

  2. Whoah, this was fascinating and odd~
    I like the way you wove it! :D

  3. @myownsavior & @ella - so glad you enjoyed it! That fact made me say, "WHAT?! WHOA..." I had to share it. :)

  4. I like it hot, but dang, that's hot.

  5. I like the sound of June gloom fog! Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Wow birds fell out of the sky
    I at first thought that was a lie
    But upon reading the story
    Which wasn't to gory
    Have to say that kind of heat
    Would not be neat
    Have to hide in a deep dark cave
    Just standing outside for two seconds one would have to be crazy or brave

  7. My illusions shattered - both extremes of weather in this poem.

  8. That is amazing! Dropped from the sky. Wow!

  9. Whoa, I don't even think the lizards would enjoy that heat!

    I don't miss the good ole "Santa Ana Winds" at all, but I do miss going for my morning stroll along the beach!

  10. I just go back from the beach.
    In fact I'm still wrapped in a towel.
    Ain't that a peach?
    I think I'll get dressed now.

  11. It’s so damn hot because it never rains in Southern California.

    ...Seems it never rains in southern California,
    Seems I've often heard that kind of talk before.
    It never rains in California,
    But girl don't they warn ya,
    It pours man it pours.

  12. Hi Rachel, I love the part about the birds falling out of the sky! Wow that must have been hot!!! Now I cannot stop giggling!

  13. @Matty - I got enough hot days in while growing up in Phoenix. I'm happy to have lots and lots of foggy June gloom. :)

    @DJ Vorreyer - There are very few here who like the June gloom fog, but I am one of them. :)

    @Pat Hatt - I still can't believe that birds fell from the sky! I also first though that it was a lie. Here August is the time when it can get hot, but well over 100? I think not.

    @vivinfrance - I feel a little bad about shattering your illusion, but hopefully you found it interesting that the extremes exist everywhere.

    @Sea Green Natural - Crazy, right?!

    @Wanda - Yeah, I bet even the lizards wanted to hop in the ocean that day!

    @Bryan - Are you on vacation? I'm not sure anything near where you live qualifies as a beach... :)

    @Debra - Hehe. I like your musical rhyming response. :)

  14. Now that's some wierd ass weather there
    Do they have to have special weather gear?
    Maybe they should take a look at the UK
    While the sunshines we make hay
    although we have to be very quick
    the cows they just like to chew
    but the hay isn't enough it's too few
    because the weather we get
    is so cold and wet
    Only joking - it's a myth
    the weather in the UK is no diff
    and I can say that because where I'm sat
    is in belgium in wellies, a coat and a hat :D

    he he LOL couldn't resist it x

  15. Ooh, that's hot, as Paris Hilton would say.

    Pretty cool write, though.

  16. @SJ - I LOVE the final two lines of your rhyme the best! Super cute. Thanks for making me smile. :)

    @thingy - Hehe. I always wondered what Paris Hilton would say about my writing. :)

  17. Hot and steamy! Ok in bed but not outside with birds falling on your head..

    Cheers A

    oh BTW don't know why your link on my blog came up as rhymemeasmike ????

  18. There are beaches all along Lake Erie. Sure, it's fresh water, but I think we have everything else covered.

    Sand: Check
    Waves: Check
    Water as far as the eye can see: check.
    Kids with plastic shovels & buckets: check.
    Places marked "beaches" on the map: check.
    Signs saying "beach": check.

    Yeah, I think we got it covered.

  19. Love the title, interesting facts that rhyme perfectly together.

  20. @Alejandro - LOL. Love your rhyming comment and... I probably just typo'd my own website. Oops!

    @Bryan - Hehe. I was just giving you a bad time. As long as there are sand and waves, yep... it's a beach.

    @Christine - Thank you! Such a sweet compliment. :)

  21. I live just north of Santa Barbara and remember very well those hot days! Great to see it written! I too live on the coast with the usual June fog. Great write!

  22. @themsivh - How fun that we are neighbors! I hope you're enjoying the fog. Glad you liked the rhyme. :)

  23. Thank you for your kind comment on my blog (british obsession with the weather), and your recommendation. I love your poem. It is still quite cold in London, so hearing about a very hot day was exactly what I needed. I SO need to visit California!
    40 blogSpot

  24. I love how you rhyme... great poem!


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