Thursday, February 7, 2013

Thursday Thoughts - On the Superhero Within Each of Us

My Super Self
by Rachel Hoyt
image by Jeroen van Oostrom via
I know my Super Self's in there -
He prob'ly is just tired.
I'm actually nice.  I really care.
I just haven't conspired
To help every sad soul I see -
That would take my whole day.
We will just have to let things be -
Life's busy, come what may.
I can't watch out for every gran
Who needs to cross the road.
I won't smile at the scruffy man -
He'll ask me to unload
My spare powers in his coin pile,
Though my purse is quite light.
Villains will hide, try to beguile,
All those who shine more bright.
I don't have time to hold open
Doors or clean up spills.
I must get places on the when,
No time for super thrills.
Yet I know in the moment,
My Super Self would fight.
I like to think he's resting gent-
ly 'til the time is right.
© 2013 Rachel Hoyt. All rights reserved.
This tongue-in-cheek rhyme imagines someone could foresee
like Superman - cape flowing free.
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  1. Man, does it really burn me up when someone won't hold the door for another person directly behind!

    I like this rhyme quite a bit. It makes me think of people slowly becoming disconnected with each other as they engage their fantasies with full force.

    1. I'm smiling quite big right now knowing that my first commenter got my message. We definitely all think we are heroes, but our day to day actions don't really reflect that.

      And, I get really bummed when people fail to uphold common courtesies like holding the door open too! Thanks for visiting M. James. :)

  2. Great poem and an interesting article :) It would be nice to believe everyone had a super hero inside of them but I find I come across more super villans than heroes. Maybe they should make more video games that are about helping people rather than shooting them.

    1. I couldn't agree more about the video games! Thanks for visiting, Mark. :)

  3. Excellent poem! It's those little courtesies that make life lovely. People need to stop waiting for the big events and just smile and say thank you sincerely to the grocery cashier :-)

    1. Seriously! Smiling at the cashier is a must no matter how bad the day. :)


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