Thursday, June 27, 2013

A Poetic Tale Inspired By Recent SCOTUS Rulings

Painting a Fairytale
by Rachel Hoyt
image by Master isolated images via
Monochrome City
liked things black & white -
sleeping while sunny
then waking at night,
the weak vs. the mighty,
clear cut wrongs and rights -
No rainbow shade could be
a part of its sights.

Rainbow Town, nearby,
liked things bright and bold -
the sun in the sky
shining bright as gold,
kindness for free,
even gross green mold -
Black & white you might see,
though rarely, I'm told.
The Rainbow Town folks
worked in Monochrome,
dyeing all the Oaks
to match the big homes,
wishing they could coax
their way in as gnomes -
Then one day city folk
awoke while they roamed.
Monochrome City
quickly divided
over the beauty
nature provided,
what makes things pretty,
and what is two-sided -
Rainbow folks roamed free
and moved in when guided.
All colors lived in
until their young kin
could no longer see
where colors begin
and who serves the tea -
Longing for what had been,
they produced a decree:
"Monochrome City
must be black & white
and so I, sadly,
declare here tonight:
Rainbows will soon be
painted out of sight.
If they move out quickly,
they can keep daylight."
© 2013 Rachel Hoyt. All rights reserved.
Inspired by recent threats to Affirmative Action and voters' rights,
this rhyme describes a town with dreamy, backward sights.


  1. I liked reading this fable in verse. It kind of reminds me of Harry Chapin's "Flowers are Red."

    1. Thank you, Mosk! I hadn't heard "Flowers are Red" before, but just read it. We're definitely singing a similar tune. :)

  2. you make a great point in your tale..we live in interesting times...ones that will get passed us if we dont let our voices be heard...cant be all black n white you know...smiles.

    1. Thanks for commenting, Brian. It would be nice if it could all be black n white... but it would probably be much more boring as well. :)


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