Thursday, June 6, 2013

Thursday Thoughts - The Proof is in the Pudding for Online Dating Research

Packaged Pudding Proof
by Rachel Hoyt

image by noomhh via

The pudding still provides the proof
although it's now made from a box -
sweet powder created to spoof
the flavors that often flummox.

Scientifically designed
to bring your taste buds lasting joy.
Scientifically refined
to linger like love being coy.

They made the mix, but you still stirred
and added the magic, the love.
Take a lick. The proof is not blurred.
It is just guided from above.

© 2013 Rachel Hoyt. All rights reserved

Like many other companies these days,
with scientific research for which they paid.

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  1. its kinda scary on some level...they manufacture this stuff...and now i am wondering how..and can the love we put in it over come the bad stuff...hmmm...smiles.

    1. Hehe. And that is merely the second layer of my poem's message. :)

  2. I always check the funding for studies--like the milk council funded the study on how good milk is for you and how it can help you lose weight...great poem and as always, insightful news! Pudding the truth out for all to see ;-)

    1. I always look too. Are there any studies these days that are not funded by the group their results could most benefit? :P

    2. P.S. LOVED your 'Pudding the truth out for all to see." :)


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