Thursday, November 17, 2011

Say Nope-a to SOPA

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The Internet has given us reasons to smile, laugh and cheer,
but also causes its fair share of crimes, squabbles and sneers.
It's no surprise there is a push to regulate pirating goons,
but what about the other world wide web wandering buffoons?

We tolerate Facebook groups that help spread chicken pox.
We "allow" compromising photos of celebrities and jocks.
We find our enemies and their fans trash talking and plotting.
We track the life of fast food that's not molding while rotting.

This information highway we share with the world
has caused our lives to be twisted and twirled
into a simmering supernova of opinions and ideas.
more valuable than all of the world's pizzerias.

Don't give Hollywood the power to flip the switch
on the websites making them a little less rich.
Their crack down might make an interesting movie plot,
but their ideas fail in reality more often than not.

© 2011 - All Rights Reserved - Rachel Hoyt


  1. I'm glad you liked it, Eric! I giggled at myself while rhyming idea and pizzeria. :)

  2. Yeah this is complete and utter crap
    Who ever pushed this in must have truly been taking a nap
    Or is s sap
    Furthering the rich/poor gap

  3. Loved this! You sure know how to rhyme! :)

  4. Rachel, you have done it again and never cease to amaze me with your rhyming talent! Loved it :)

  5. @Pat - You put that quite well. Your comments are always swell. :)

    @Martha - Thank you, sweetie! Rhymes seem ingrained in me. :)

    @Mary - It makes me smile to know you were amazed. I thank the rhymes from my grandma on which I was raised. :)

  6. I know some are working really hard, in Washington, to stop this. If it goes through it won't be because people didn't try to stop it. If it goes through...I don't want to even think about what the internet will become. It's the Wild West redux right now, and I like it that way. No rules but for the rules we ourselves apply to it. When the government gets done with it, it'll probably be like logging onto the Post Office :(

  7. Loved this rhyme Rachel. You are amazing! I could never do this.

  8. Loved this Rachel! With all the problems and loopholes of the Internet I still cannot live without it...I think :)

  9. I agree completely with you on this one Rachel. Of course, the concept of free and open sharing if completely unpalatable to those in power.

  10. Rachel how does it work... I mean when do you create and what triggers your creativity to write...I am just in awe of your brain!!!!

  11. @JR Nova - I agree the bill is under much scrutiny. If it passes, watch out... mutiny! :)

    @Rimly - Sometimes you just have to make up your own rhymes! I'm glad you liked them. :)

    @Nelieta - I would be so sad without my internet. So many of us would never have met! :)

    @Lolamouse - I agree. I'm not sure free is in their vocabulary! :)

    @Savira - Funny you should ask that... I've been looking for my brain. You saw it? :)

  12. I don't really know enough about it but isn't SOPA supposed to stop copyright enfringement, piracy, etc?

    If it does what you're saying it does then I think everyone's in for a big shock.

    Love how you can take the current big news topics and turn them into resourceful rhymes x

  13. This was a WOW. You've actually taken something really important, and empowered the message through your unbelievable skills. You never cease to amaze

  14. @SJ - I still don't feel I know enough, but I don't like anything that gives any insustry power or control...

    @Larry - Thank you! I'm honored you feel the message is that powerful. :)


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