Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Smiley Sociology Study #10 - Doors and Windows

Photo via Samuelmichaels.com - an excellent UK photographer
They say when one door closes a window opens.
That's the theme for the study this month my friends.
You can regale me with examples of this proverb come true,
be it about another or something that happened to you.

You could share photos of beautiful windows and doors
including pathways leading to them and pretty floors.
You can trace the history of that phrase and it's validity
or dream up another way to fit the theme and surprise me.

You have the month of November to post something link in.
Let the Smiley Sociology Study fun begin!
Next month, after I've analyzed all your posts,
I'll write my own rhyme and link to the entries I liked most.

Non rhyming directions for the poetry challenged:

(1) Create a new post about doors and windows or link to one that was already on your blog. Please note: your post does not need to be poetic or rhyming. All styles of blogs are welcome as long as their post is about doors and windows.

(2) Please include a link back to the Smiley Sociology Study within your post to help spread the word about the link exchange. The more "data" / posts I have to peruse, the better pseudo sociological results I can produce!

(3) copy the link for that post and paste link into Mister Linky below.
Please link directly to the post you want to share, not to your home page.
I will delete your link from the study if I cannot find a post about doors and windows to link to directly.

(4) leave a comment here to let me know you've posted a link

(5) read links left by others and tell them (nicely) what you think


  1. How did I miss #9? Where have I been? And I could have done a book review D:

    I'll have to see if I can come up with something for this one.

  2. Doors and windows sound like fun
    I guess a new tale will have to be spun
    Although I may be out to lunch
    But doors and window there will be a bunch

  3. close the door
    mine was a nose that was bruised
    everything ever i hoped
    was remnant of sand
    between grasping fingers
    (rather dramatic huh?)
    in losing my calling though
    i found i could reach
    so many more
    and now i work with kids
    that are shadows to most
    ghosts in the machine
    and now we walk the
    streets together.

  4. I will return with something !!!!!!

  5. @Bryan - Where HAVE you been? :P

    @Pat - Off the wall participants are welcome here. :)

    @Brian - Beautiful poem! Did you come up with that just now?

    @kez - Yay! See you soon. :)

  6. have left one I wrote earlier x x

  7. Love the idea. Sounds like a fun meme. Wish I could join in but I've got uber much on my blogging plate these days.

    I do agree about doors closing and windows opening -- or sometimes great big golden double doors opening!


  8. @kez - Thanks for participating in the study! It's a beautiful poem. :)

    @Jannie - I totally understand not having time! Maybe you can do the next one. :)

  9. Dear Karen

    Thanks for sharing such a soft poem... with lots of feelings...

    Here is my rhyming stuff...

    Tipper tapper of rains
    Goes out to drain
    All the feelings of loss
    And some of the pain.

    I still carry it in deep
    All that happened in one leap
    Of faith and belongingness
    Till, no longer flying, buried deep

    I just wrote it hope its fine...

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    At Twitter @VerseEveryDay

  10. @Shashi - Long time no see! Thanks for sharing a rhyme, Shashi. :)

  11. that cat has done one up
    Even had a silly pup

  12. @Pat - your cat sure sees some crazy stuff! Thanks for sharing your rhyme about little fluff. :) (Does it make him mad when I call him little fluff?)

  13. Posted my entry. It's a bit unconventional, but hopefully it still meets the criteria.

  14. Done. Unconventional. Yes. Do you expect any less?

  15. @Bryan - Thanks for once again stretching my mind. :)

    @Scott - Major bummer about Windows... though so kind of you to write about it and warn the rest of the world! :)

  16. have fun Rachel i did this post just for you god bless

  17. Rachel, I love this idea. I wished I had time to did it. Sounds amazing!

  18. A lovely theme Rachel. Let me see if I can do it.


  19. Hi Rachel I can't wait to see what you make out of all our entries and wow are they different funny and thought provoking. Hope everyone has a good evening!

  20. @Roy - a post just for me! That fills me with glee. :)

    @Sea Green Natural - There's a new topic every month. Please join whenever you can. :)

    @Rimly - Beautiful poem, Rimly. I hope I get a happy ending like that. :)

    @Phoenixrisesagain - I can't wait to see what I come up with! LOL This could be a tough one. :)

    I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!!! (Or, if you don't live in the U.S., I hope you had a great Thursday.)

  21. Bryan missed Number 9, and I missed Number 10! I guessed I walked right past the prompt for door and continued to snore! Oh well, I'll try for gifts!

  22. @Lolamouse - We all get busy with life sometimes. I'm glad you're back to read more rhymes. :)


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