Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Turn Up the Tomfoolery

When Tim Ferriss isn't teaching us how to gain muscle mass fast or work less hours,
he does things like this tomfoolery with his knowledge and powers.

I've been feeling that my life, lately,
could use a bit more tomfoolery.
The harder you work the more you need play,
so why not learn a new fun trick today?

It may not be cool to pull rabbits from top hats,
but it could be hip to hypnotize cranky cats.
And who doesn't like a good table side trick?
Some use silverware to look funny and slick.

Some celebrate other countries' holidays
to indulge their creative and silly ways.
Some pose silly for pictures they'll pose online.
(I do it to - to prove I've had a good time.)

Really, those moments of silliness are the best.
For me they hold the power to wipe out the rest.
I fear that my skills are lacking.  How about yours?
Shall we both add "learn new tricks" to our list of chores?

I don't know if I'll master the spoon-fork trick above,
but I'll try if I find some silverware I don't love.
is a trick I could learn with less bodily harm and regret.

If I came across a blow horn rigged door,
it's likely I'd fall in fear to the floor.
Hopefully, I would laugh it off in the end
and be thankful to share a smile with a friend!

© 2011 - all rights reserved - Rachel Hoyt

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my favorite place to drink poetry up - glug, glug.

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  1. That was a neat trick
    Never saw that one before on the youtube flick.
    But you will never hypnotize this cat
    I'll run away and let you do it to a rat

  2. Pat, you're a special kind of cat and I could never hypnotize that. :)

  3. I agree that sometime we need the lighter things in life

  4. Cute poem, Rachel!
    And, what an amazing stunt this guy does! It truly took me by surprise and made me smile today.

  5. Wow Rachel! That was pretty cool! Loving your poem as well :)

  6. cute trick...AS ALWAYS...XOXOXOXOXOXO


  7. He makes it look so simple LOL. I can never get it to work like he did :)

  8. ha - a neat trick for sure..and love me some silly moments..smiles

  9. Ha Ha. this is a cute poem.
    thanks for sharing w/us.

    now, I'll show you a trick.

  10. ha i think we could all use a little more tomfoolery...dont know how i will do either on that but hey worth the try...thanks for the smiles..

  11. Hello.
    A bit of tomfoolery never hurt anyone.
    Fun post.
    Thanks for sharing your lightheartedness.

    Raining Flowers Upon You

  12. Wise advice in a fun poem. Always enjoy your rhyming!

  13. Oh yes let's do have more fun in life. I agree!

  14. We all need silliness! (At least I do.) K.

  15. Good one...
    my link;http://www.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fnetworkedblogs.com%2FpZJO5&h=gAQEbdxB8AQE_SsKOMuWitbssbkyYWZdz6xn5Rkhuz5sCEA

  16. Who doesnt like a bit of tomfoolery? Loved your video Rachel

  17. @Savira - While me can't embrace tomfoolery all day every day, we still have to find our smile right? :)

    @Martha - I totally expected a different angle on the glass, didn't you?

    @Anna - I'm glad you like the poem too... I wouldn't want to distract you TOO well. LOL

    @Bongo - xoxoxo

    @Mary - Good for you for trying!!! I think he has a lot of time to practice. He's the author of the Four Hour Work Week. :)

  18. @Claudia - I'm glad I could make you smile. :)

    @tinkwelborn - LOL. Awesome trick! Where did you go??? :)

    @Brian - I think I'm the instigator/encourager of tomfoolery much more often than the orchistrator. It still counts! :)

    @Andy - Thanks for visiting! :)

    Sheila - More fun for everyone!! :)

    @manicddaily - I think we all need it... but some have lost their ability to laugh at it. :)

    @Alpana - Thanks for stopping by!

    @Rimly - I'm pretty sure all MY readers love tomfoolery. :)

  19. now you got me thinking and that could led into some trouble like tying the bumper of a squad-car to a fire plug or super gluing a gold dollar to the sidewalk and take photos of those who try to pick it up. well may not i am a nice guy. lol god bless


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