Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Angry Birds Movie Limerick


This movie looks like one big commercial,
Yet I doubt it will be controversial.
With just enough action,
We'll find satisfaction
And feel, in its own way, it's special.

2011 - All Rights Reserved - Rachel Hoyt

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Josh from "Its Tiger Time" invented You Tube Tuesday so we could each share one video a week which we found to be fun, inspiring or otherwise noteworthy.  If you choose to participate, don't forget to leave your links in my comments section (so I can come visit you) and on Josh's page (so you can be part of the contest).


  1. Interesting thanks for sharing.


  2. lol it does look like a commercial! Interesting indeed!

  3. Another commercialized hunk
    But I guess it is better than most of the tv junk

  4. They're kind of late on the whole Angry Birds trend. Heck, even I've played it, and I'm hardly a trend follower.

  5. A very interesting video indeed :)

  6. Not the moie for me ..LOLOLOL...As always...XOXOXOXO

  7. I'm with Bongo here..

  8. @Debbie & @Jessica M - Interesting is a good word for that video. Hehe.

    @Pat Hatt - Better than tv junk? We'll see about that. :P

    @Eric - I think they needed all this time to build the desire for a movie. LOL

    @Anna - Thank you!

    @Bongo - They'll be lucky if I rent the DVD of that one... xo

    @ami - :) Laughter is good. :)

    @luchissmiles - I'm with you as well. I've got the game but have only played a few times. The movie is even less intriguing. :)

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  11. Hmmm....doesn't look like a movie I wish to see, but your limerick is great!! Thank you for stopping by Susie's Sentences and leaving such kind words :)


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