Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Grinch and Godzilla

Image by Simon Howden via

The Grinch has a friend named Godzilla.
He treats him like a pet Gorilla.
They make people frown
In malls around town
Then relax at the Grinch's villa.

© 2011 - All Rights Reserved - Rachel Hoyt


  1. The Grinch and Godzilla as one
    That might not be so much fun
    One would steal
    The other so unreal
    Can't even be stopped by a big gun

  2. Godzilla and Grinch had a party.
    And, one where they partied so hearty,
    Godzilla fell down,
    Destroyed the whole town,
    And, Grinch took the credit, that smarty!

    Blessings, Rachel! Thanks for inviting us to this party!

  3. I think they should make a movie with the two of them. A very interesting duo.

  4. Godzilla and Grinch are two of a kind
    To love and good will, eternally blind
    They treat others badly
    With no regret, sadly
    They must have a criminal mind

  5. Who is meaner? :) Nice rhyme once again, talented lady...

  6. I love Godzilla he's just an overstuffed teddy bear LOLOL..As always....XOXOXOXOXO

  7. What a terrible tango
    Those two, both green,
    I could almost picture them together
    What a mean, strange scene!

  8. Interesting connection. Very clever!
    Erick Flores

  9. The Grinch's dog Maxx may not be too happy
    about the Grinch's brand new Gorilla chappy
    I think you should rhyme Maxx in too
    before he packs the Gorilla secretly off to the zoo x

  10. I am LOVING all these limerick responses!!! So many clever additions.

    A big thank you to all the non-rhyming commenters as well! I hope you all left with big smiles.

    Now, about the Grinch's dog...

    Maxx didn't like when Godzilla
    Visited the Grinch's villa
    So he called Underdog
    And his friend the frog -
    They formed their own urban guerilla!

  11. Hello.
    You are so funny!
    I'm a non-rhymer & did indeed leave with a smile. ;-))
    Thanks for the laughs & for sharing.

  12. Rachel thank you for the laughter!

  13. lol, definitely a good one!!

  14. I love that they are together! Great fun this piece.


  15. the hoos in hooville better watch out when these two team up

  16. in a pinch, the Grinch can steal what you see but never a heart if gold. that's a cinch!

  17. Have you been checking the UK christmas tv film listings. Oh jolly gee more repeats.

  18. @Andy - Hooray! I love to make non-rhymers smile. :)

    @Savira - Consider me your laughter missionary. :)

    @rch - Thanks! I had fun writing it. :)

    @Divalounger - After reading the Neatorama write up about the godzilla christmas tree, I couldn't NOT see them destroying a mall together. :)

    @Brian - The hoos better watch out indeed! Perhaps they found an equally large ally to combat Godzilla... Hmmm...

    @Charles - Well, the Grinch did steal my heart in a way... but just the part that is NOT made of gold. LOL. :)

    @Quotes, Photos and a little Poetry - Thank you! So sweet. :)

    @bajanpoet - Thank you!

    @Larry - I don't even check the US TV listings... but, I will be watching the Grinch soon. :)

  19. Love the title, the poem did the trick :)

  20. hello,,
    cute simple rhyme, a story that want added more and more,,,
    and the rhyme made me smile :)


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