Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Bottles of Bubbly

Image by Matt Banks via

As bottles and bottles of bubbly are being bought
to toast the new year and stock up local yachts,
I found myself curious about this sweet nectar
and decided to ask Google to be today's lector.
I already knew of the rule from the Treaty of Madrid,
but I learned a few things not known by most kids.

I (now) won't drink champagne from a short or wide glass.
It lets bubbles out faster and without them I'll pass.
I also now believe I could create a bottle-a-day-diet.
Only 9 grams of sugar! (Someone would try it.)
Did you know champagne can be used to entertain visually?
If you drop a raisin in, it will bounce... or so they tell me.

Madame Veuve Clicquot invented the riddling rack,
which pushed Champagne production into the fast track.
Many say Dom Perignon invented the French bubbly drink,
but that statement is not quite as true as they all think.
He was actually trying to prevent the bubbles from forming,
but fate wouldn't let them cease scrumptiously swarming.

Most of us couldn't fathom spending thirty-five grand
to buy the most expensive bottle found in the land.
We also couldn't afford to fill up the bathtub
with three-hundred-fifty bottles from the pub.
But each of us consumes millions of bubbles with one cheers,
that is, if you are drinking Champagne this New Years.

© 2011 - All Rights Reserved - Rachel Hoyt infographic
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  1. I so enjoyed this post... You see I am a champagne gal...shh shh!
    I have a veuve cliquot chilling in my fridge for the 31st.. I will be chilling at home with my hubby and sipping champagne.....
    Now that I am talking... many moons ago... I emptied 3 bottles of champagne in the bath tub!!!!!

  2. Hehehehehe. I LOVE that I know someone who has bathed in champagne. Veuve is so yummy! Enjoy! :)

  3. haha a champagne bather, geez really getting in the new years eve spirit. And all the booze, sure out of the pours of many the next day it will ooze.

  4. dont mind a bit of champagne...or the champagne glass hot tubs they have not too far from here...just saying...

  5. @Pat - It would be quite in the spirit! :)

    @Brian - I've heard of those tubs. They sound fun! :)

  6. I actually prefer something a bit on the sweeter side, but what a fun write! Happy New Year!

  7. Hello Rachel.
    I'm not much of a drinker, although I have been known to take a few sips of whatever might be on hand.

    lol at sparklemezen's comment...why am I not surprised...she's a "naughty" one! (smile)

    Fun post.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Tears Of A Flower

  8. Quite a fun interesting post...Maybe one day I'll be wealthy enough to soak in expensive champagne ;)Happy New Year!!

  9. Love your writing, I always smile when I read your posts. Champagne for me is off the list, never really cared for it anyhow. I am more o a redneck drinker of beer, plain ol domestic beer at that. Domestic to the US that is....


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