Thursday, December 22, 2011

Who-ville People Today

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Sometimes the best gift you can give or get yourself
has very, very little to do with spreading wealth.
The most joy at the holidays comes from time with family
and acts of random kindness that we may somehow see.

Why not cause a random act of kindness on your own?
There are things you could do while being lazy at home.
Play trivia at Free Rice to help feed mouths worldwide.
Or use for your next world-wide-web-ride.

If you have an unwanted fur coat in your room,
donate it to help comfort an orphaned raccoon.
Or if you have the skills to knit or crochet a sweater,
there are penguins and hens that need them to get better.

There are tons of easy ways to spread some holiday cheer
to those outside your circle of friends held near and dear.
I think that is how the Who-ville people would show today
that the holidays are about more than presents and a big light display.

© 2011 - All Rights Reserved - Rachel Hoyt

This rhyme was inspired by Mental Floss:


  1. nice hits on free ways to give...very practical particularly in this economy...yo have a very merry christmas!

  2. You are so right here with your viewpoint. I do think the spirit of Christmas is to spread cheer however we choose, but to DO it.

  3. @Brian - I'm glad you agree. I thought free ways to help would make people feel more jolly. :)

    @Mary - I'm speaking to myself in this rhyme too. I've got some things I need to do! :)

    Merry Christmas to you both! :)

  4. i agree - sometimes it's so easy and costs almost nothing to do something good - thanks for spreading some ideas and merry christmas to you

  5. You are a wonder. Merry Christmas.

  6. I hope both you ladies had a wonderful Christmas too!

  7. what a fun write - I love the who-ville attitude.

  8. Thank you, Sheila! Who-ville people are the best. :)


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