Saturday, September 29, 2012

Saturday Scribbles - Gambling vs Gaming

by Rachel Hoyt
image by Grant Cochrane via
The other night, I felt remiss,
Was missing online poker bliss -
Bat'ling beefcakes for cash chips,
Watching chat screens for whining lips,
Forgetting all of life's grimy grits,
While playing for pennies and sharp'ning my wits.
Then I stumbled upon a site,
Which instantly brought me delight -
It seems that gaming subscriptions
Have been deemed not to cause addictions,
Because somehow, once again, legally,
I'm bluffing, check raising, and going 'all in' with glee.
© 2012 Rachel Hoyt. All rights reserved
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  1. I can imagine the can of worms I would open if I started playing for real money.

    1. Yeah, it probably isn't the best time for you to start this habit... unless you're playing for free. :)

  2. Ah--you write about this with such glee!! LOve this

    1. Thank you, Audrey! I do LOVE playing poker. :) I think the subscription site may be a bit more than I care to spend playing, but I'm trying it out for now. I had to share my glee about finding somewhere to play. :)

  3. Glad that you found your bliss! Chips ahoy :-)

    1. Thank you, SaraV! I learned to play VERY young. When I sit at the table its sort of like visiting my grandpa. :)

  4. Whenever I think about online gambling, I play one of the FB games. After I've lost all my "coins" I recall why I don't get involved in online gambling.

    1. That is a good plan Jeffrey! I used to be able to make $25 last 6 months minimum on They have these $1 and $2 tournaments that I loved and did well in. :)


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