Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday Photo Fun - Something Splattered

Something Splattered
by Rachel Hoyt
Both solid and scattered,
Beautifully battered,
Smooth, not tattered,
Imagery splattered.
© 2013 Rachel Hoyt. All rights reserved.
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Friday Photo Fun is when I share a randomly captured moment,
or perhaps a photo experiment with more purposeful intent,
then pair it with a rhyming riddle to exercise your mind
and teach you more weird facts to which you once were blind.
After the answer is guessed, I will post a second, non-abstract photo...
and just in case you wanted to know,
the first is not a photoshopped version of the second -
they're shot using different techniques that to me beckon. 
Jeff wins for three correct answers that weren't THE one
but which described the object as well.
I could've made you all guess more for my personal fun,
but the fact that it's a MOSAIC seems hard to tell.



  1. I'm thinking a photo of a portrait. Do we have to be specific? Was this taken in an art gallery?

    1. Portrait/Painting would be a specific enough answer, but it isn't the right one. And, no, this picture was not taken at an art gallery, but some art galleries have these there.

  2. Could Wednesday's word Obnubilate
    be an allusion to indicate
    this photo's natural state?

    I don't know why
    but it looks like the sky
    Whispy clouds way up high
    morphing shapes of the human mind
    as they breeze
    quietly by

    1. 'Tis not the sky
      but I know why
      it looks that way...
      I just can't say.


      You're both close, but 'staring in the wrong direction' in a manner of speaking... Also, the answer I'm looking for has to do with how the object was made more than what the final result looks like...

  3. Ice? Snow? Clouds? Am I running out of guesses? Am I on the right track?

    1. How it's made, huh? Cotton candy?

    2. First of all, there is no guess limit on my blog... not yet at least. :)

      Secondly... no... it is not ice, snow, clouds, or cotton candy. :( Hmmmm... pondering the next hint...

  4. Looking up is wrong
    So is looking around
    Maybe if we cast our eyes down?

    I can't imagine the colors
    or the shapes
    but another image my mind creates
    that might be in the right direction
    is the image of a watery reflection
    or this photo needs a little more inspection.

    1. Now I don't know to say if you're right or not close enough... for now I'm going to say you didn't give the right answer, but if no one else gets it I will accept this.

      It is an item created to depict the sea... but I wrote the rhyme trying to get you all to figure out the name of the item / way that they created 'the ocean'.

  5. Replies
    1. It's not a flower... see my answer to Jeff above. He is semi-correct in saying it looks like water. :)

  6. Some kind of floor mural? Or tiling?

    1. Ok, you've now said three answers that describe it without giving the answer I was thinking of, so... you win! It's a wall mural mosaic of the sea. :)

  7. I never would have got that one. Well played.


Rhyming or not, I would like a lot to hear the thoughts my words brought...